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I\'m a Melbourne-based writer who\'s had articles and stories published in various digital and print journals and magazines.

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Media issues symptomatic of our sense of entitlement

Media issues symptomatic of our sense of entitlement

22 Jun 2017

On Footy Classified on Monday night, Craig Hutchison and guest panelist, Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley, argued about ‘door-stopping’ – effectively, players being ambushed for an interview. Hutchison wanted greater access.

The AFL’s rules mishmash

The AFL's rules mishmash

13 Jun 2017

Here we are, approaching the halfway point of the season: brace yourself for the declarations that thanks to the AFL’s rule changes football this year has been the greatest spectacle ever.

Mark Robinson: Words without meaning

Mark Robinson: Words without meaning

5 Jun 2017

By now everybody would know about Mark Robinson’s ridiculous tweet concerning Collingwood’s Alex Fasolo.

The annual ‘Good Old Collingwood Letdown’ has just begun

The annual 'Good Old Collingwood Letdown' has just begun

9 May 2017

Saturday was the annual Good Old Collingwood Letdown.

Can umpires be biased?

Can umpires be biased?

18 Apr 2017

It’s a simple question, but not one that’s often explored in popular media. About as close as you’ll get is if some caller to talkback suggests they thought the umpiring was one-sided.

The ugly side of the fourth estate

The ugly side of the fourth estate

11 Apr 2017

I used to keep scrapbooks of Collingwood’s seasons. I’d read all the newspapers, cut out any Collingwood-related articles, and paste them into these huge yellow scrapbooks I bought from the newsagent.