Tendulkar displays questionable shotmaking in his autobiography

Sachin Tendulkar was a great batsman. But Malcolm Knox in the SMH has essentially proven that he is not as reliable with the pen as he is with the bat. This is another reason why it is not a good thing for sports to name trophies or events after former but still living great players. Suni Gavaskar's role during the controversial incident which threatened to derail India's tour of Australia provides the further proof that keep the living legends out of trophy deification until they become dead legends.

8 Nov 2014
SPIRO: US Eagles ready for RWC 2023, usual faves for RWC 2015

Star of the Sea, Seatoun, Wellington New Zealand. But a great view like Watson Bay.

5 Nov 2014
A sad farewell to a young fan

Sean, You have given Connor a certain immortality with your beautiful tribute to him. I always think that loved ones are never dead if there are people around who treasure their memory.

18 Sep 2014
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