HEAL: Why the NBL should play on Christmas Day

Two things about this very good idea. In the United States there is not the same shutting down of all commercial life on Christmas Day as there is in Australia. Second, in New Zealand, at least, first class cricket used to be played on Christmas Day when I was growing up there. Admittedly this was a long time ago. I don't know what happened in Australia but I suspect the same attitude applied here. So I think Shane's idea is an excellent one. There is precedent for it in this part of the world and in the USA. Go to the basket on it!

21 Jun 2014
Viva España – the death of Spanish football?

Judging by the fact that Spain is going poorly, so far, at the World Cup this has to be one of the most perceptive articles written about football or any other sport that has appeared in The Roar. Congratulations to the writer. To be so accurate with a prediction and so precise on the basis of the prediction is a thing of wonder.

19 Jun 2014
3D Rugby analysis – a new way to look at the game

Congratulations Scott on this master class in 3D. This gives all of us who read and write for The Roar a terrific insight into the complexities and simplicities of modern rugby. You get a better appreciation of the skills and the composure of players in pulling off these moves in the heat of the play. I liked your point, too, about watching from behind to see how the alignments are and how plays unfold. Earle Kirton, a great All Blacks number 10 and later a successful selector always stood near the goal posts in trial matches to assess what was happening. Fred Allen did the same. And I think Bob Dwyer used the method from time to time.

11 Jun 2014
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