SPIRO: Kevin Rudd’s fair shake of the sauce bottle for corrupt FIFA

Kaks, on 29 June 2010 in The Roar months before FIFA made its decision I wrote an article headed: Qatar will Host The 2022 Football World Cup. Check the article out. It goes into the politics of the hosting bid and links Sepp Blatter's expectations for another term as FIFA's President with the intriques around the bid. I explained the reasons why Qatar would get get the hosting rights. And I noted: "It's hard to see where Australia hopes to get votes for its bid." As I say, this was months before the vote on the hosting rights. If I was so informed about all this writing from my home in Bondi Junction, how could those travelling the world in pursuit of an Australian winning bid be so ignorant about what was happening?

12 Jun 2015
The best way to remember Jerry Collins

Jerry Collins: FOREVER YOUNG Thank you Andrew for that touching memory of Jerry Collins. A grace note to that story is that Newtown Abbott is where the 1905 All Blacks trained before their first match of their historic tour. The mayor of the small town saw the All Blacks training and suggested they needed to practice drop goals as that was the only way they would score any points against devon, then the champion county side. Jerry's predecessors defeated devon 55 - 4, with devon scoring a drop goal, then worth 4 points. The other grace note is that one of The Roar's comments noted that Jerry was the first old boy of st patricks college, wellington, to be selected for the all blacks in 50 years. he followed in the tradition of another all black old boy who was as thunderous in his play as Jerry, the great Maurice Brownlie. Jerry Collins and Maurice Brownlie, two All Blacks flankers, champions for the ages ...

6 Jun 2015
SPIRO: Waratahs might have to win the finals without Latu and Skelton

I notice that in discussing Will Skelton's charge on Richie McCaw I stated that referee Marius van der Westhuizen was talked out of penalising the Waratahs secondrower by the TMO Peter Marshall. This should have read, "talked out of issuing a yellow card." For the information of some of those making comments on this article, the reason why I often quote from other people is to ensure that a fair description of what happened is written down. For instance, it is relevant that the match commentators suggested that Will Skelton was the main pile driver in the incident regarding Sam Whitelock.

25 May 2015
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