SPIRO: Daryl Gibson is right for the Waratahs, but…

RobC Let's hope you give The Roar readers the insights you have gained from your research on the coaches. In my view, coaching excellence and the promotion of excellent coaching are currently under-valued in Australia. There does not seem to a production line leading to successful coaches at a higher level here. Why this is so is an interesting subject you might be able to shine some light on.

3 Apr 2015
A beer with an All Black: Andy Leslie

Adrian, there are some great stories here which should become part of rugby folklore. I loved the one about the blacks behind the posts cheering a Springboks missed dropped goal and then the referee, misreading their enthusiasm, ruling that it went over. Gold!

28 Mar 2015
SPIRO: OMG! Crusaders, Bulls, Sharks and Waratahs all lose

Brett, the strip wasn't white. It was light blue. A white strip would have been the answer to the confusion. Why would SANZAR allow the Force to wear a light blue strip when the Waratahs and the Blues and the Highlanders have predominantly blue jerseys? This is another example of SANZAR being unresponsive to the interests of viewers, at the ground especially and watching on television.

16 Feb 2015
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