How the Webb Ellis Cup was won in a land that rumbles: Pt 2

Hi Yogi AWA Press in New Zealand published my book How To Watch The Rugby World Cup in 2011. The book has an essay like the one you have just read on every RWC tournament. So there is an essay on RWC 1995. I am sure that there are still copies of this book with Awa, or in libraries in Australia and NZ

10 Sep 2015
SPIRO: SANZAR should have booted out Sanchez, not Michael Hooper

What makes the tautology in a sense worse is that the late Alex Buzo lived across the road from me and we often had chats about his penchant for picking up tautologies in the works of the master, Rex Mossop. In defence, I could offer the weak explanation that I was trying to convey the image of a player stretched out on the ground as if he had been king-hit by George Foreman. But I am afraid that somewhere up there where Alex is keeping the celestial book on classic tautologies, I have created an entry that will match the best/worst of the past.

3 Aug 2015
SPIRO: Wallabies and All Blacks to continue their winning way

Buk:The hedgehog reference was to the Russian proverb that I quoted last week in an article, "The fox knows many things but the hedgehog knows one big thing." The point of the proverb is that someone who is very good at one essential aspect of a job/sport is generally more successful in his pursuit of victory than the fox who spreads his talents across a diversity of tasks and skills.

24 Jul 2015
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