All sound and fury at the Dauphine, signifying little

You'd have been hard pressed to see any of Wiggins during the Dauphine last week, Patrick... unless you were watching re-runs from 2012.

19 Jun 2014
Wiggins’ Tour hopes as likely as a Belkin U-turn

'Short of form' is perhaps a bit misleading. You're right - he's been riding well for most of the season in the races he's appeared in - although, like many of the Sky boys, he's cut down his anticipated race schedule because of the multitude of chest infections and other illnesses that seem to be doing the rounds. He was short of zip in the Suisse prologue but that may have been down to illness - ditto his time losses on stage three. But word has it he was never going for GC in Suisse and already had his mind on the nat champs ITT and the commonwealth games, where he will probably ride on the track as well as the road events. So, perhaps more a case of deliberately tapering his form and riding as a training exercise. Even so, it's fair to say that illness has hampered his form. I think - as per his BBC interview - he entered the race knowing that even a solid showing wouldn't be enough to dislodge any of the guys Brailsford's going to take to France next month. Porte will go to Yorkshire even though he's a shadow of the rider he was last year. The fact that he's Froome's best mate on the team is enough to guarantee him entry. And who knows, he may ride himself into form in the first week. Just don't think Sky can expect him to podium or even top ten while riding for Froome.

19 Jun 2014
Giro: old world whines as new world shines

Thanks Jonty - glad you enjoyed it. Thought the piece would encourage a bit of debate - but perhaps everyone simply just agrees, like you, with the closing comment!

6 Jun 2014
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