No Gerrans, no party for Orica-GreenEDGE

Sound advice and opinions, Wombat. It's fair to say that Meyer probably hasn't lived up to his expectations, but his 2011 TDU win did all come down to a break - a mini Echappee a la Walkowiak, if you will - and so it would have been unfair to expect glory merely because of one ochre jersey. His problem, to me, is that he's a jack of many trades, master of none. Pretty solid across the board, but don't stand out on any terrain, and finds it hard to sustain his level over three weeks. As such, I can't ever see him becoming anything more than a domestique or lieutenant. But he can still do a job, for sure.

28 Jan 2015
Armstrong’s spectre still looms large over cycling

Thanks for the positive feedback, guys. Glad you liked the piece. My friend Howard put the photo of Lance and Tejay up on his Instagram - here's the link for those interested...

6 Dec 2014
Is this Australia’s Tour de France team of the century?

I think you've hit the nail on the head, Omega10. Interesting fact about Michael Wilson - he was actually christened Micheal because his parents mis-placed the 'e' before the 'a'. It's but one of the small anecdotes in my book, Climbs and Punishment - Riding to Rome in the Footsteps of Hannibal, in which Wilson makes a cameo by dint of his stellar win in Cortona in 1982. And you're right - he rode in the Tour, twice in fact (I overlooked that in a comment I made earlier - apologies).

24 Nov 2014
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