Is this Australia’s Tour de France team of the century?

Think you may have missed the part about doping, which makes O'Grady, Stephens and Hodge ineligible. Peiper rode five Tours and completed three. He was solid if unspectacular - a possible for the domestique role, but competition was too high!

3 days ago
Six key transfers ahead of the 2015 cycling season

Konig's progression will be very interesting. Sky don't have a great track record with their 'second tier' riders - just look at how the likes of Uran, Cataldo and Boasson Hagen have struggled, even Cavendish, because of the GC ambitions of Froome and Wiggins. Konig, Porte, Roche - these three could be domestiques deluxe for Froome in the coming years - and hopefully the Czech will get his own chance to ride in some races. De Marchi has been very impressive the past few years and it was great to see him get a stage win in the Vuelta after all his tireless attacking in the Tour. That said, riders often stagnate once they arrive at BMC - although De Marchi's lack of rainbow stripes might make him the exception to the rule. I'd have included both Konig and De Marchi in this list had I more time and space. They are clearly more exciting transfers than that of Adam Blythe, but Blythe's move involves GreenEdge and Goss and so I thought it would appeal to the Australian readership. Cheers, Tony. All the best.

15 Nov 2014
Froome and Porte to race in Tasmania this December

And some quotes from Porte, who was speaking to the Examiner: "It’s not every day you get a Tour de France champion coming down to race in Launceston. For me, having been friends with Stan Seijka, it’s massive to have Chris Froome come down and race. For me, that’s the big thing. Stan would have been proud to have this race in his honour. "He's keen to see as much of the world as he can and obviously I talk a lot about Tasmania and the fantastic training opportunities we have here. I’ve seen a fair bit of the world myself now and I still think we have the best terrain to train on in the world and I’m looking forward to having him around for a couple of weeks and sharing it with him. I’m sure I’ll show him the Scottsdale loop, Poatina Hill and the East Coast and it will be nice to mix it up with some mountain biking and maybe get out to Hollybank. "Fingers crossed we get a mild Tassie summer. He’s never been to Tassie before but I’ve told him all about it and have probably glossed it up a bit. I’ve told him it’s absolutely brilliant but you have a headwind everywhere you go and the roads are always tough!"

6 Nov 2014
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