Green puts brakes on Gela-Mosby

Gee he looked good in full flight. Very balanced and like a lot of great speedsters was burning the opposition away while looking like he was travelling at 3/4 pace. Think Renouf or Dale Shearer. This is a smart move by Green. He should have to earn his place in the side. Being an NRL winger isn't just about having plenty of space and running fast. Still - I can't wait to see him get a start - very exciting.

4 hours ago
“If I ever came back I’d go to Parra”: Hayne hoses down Roosters talk

Well, we all know what articles like this mean in rugby league...his signing with the Roosters is imminent :-)

4 hours ago
Warrior Hurrell to change running style

I don't think anyone is saying Hurrell is a dirty player but he has to get this out of his game. We can't even say "before he injured someone" because he's shattered Tupou's jaw and knocked Trbojevic into next week. Yes rugby league has contact - but contact with the knees has never been ok.

6 hours ago
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