How would you rate Beau’s Blues chances?

Scott has been sensational this year. I've always rated him but he's had some bad luck with injuries. I don't think he has much of a chance of being picked. The Blues have a reluctance to go back to players who have been tried before.

12 hours ago
Liffting tackles: endemic or moronic?

Not quite sure what the point of this article is? Criticising the NRL for a calm, rational, appropriate response? It also demonstrates an absolute lack of understanding of the game to say that there are no safe lifting tackles. Every player and every fan will be happy to satisfied to see tackles beyond the horizontal banned. The test as always for the NRL will be maintaining consistency. Will this be a permanent change or will there be a crackdown for three weeks and then forgotten about.

12 hours ago
Kallis has claims to Tendulkar’s ‘cricketer of the generation’ title

Those stats are flawed though because you're only comparing players that played through an entire decade. How many batsmen were there that played test cricket from 1st January 1991 to 31 December 1999? I bet it wasn't more than 5. I agree that other players career stats accelerated from about 2001 while Tendulkar and Steve Waugh didn't. Kallis went from about 45 to 55. Ponting the same. Gilchrist started his career with an average of 70+ for an extended period. Hussey likewise.

1 day ago
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