Pitch invasion probe warranted or a marker of the FFA nanny state?

It wasn't a 'special occasion' though like Lockett breaking a long standing record. It all seemed innocent enough but what happens next time and the time after if it's seen to be condoned?

5 days ago
The Four Nations is England’s to lose

Kris I was at that 1984 game as well and remember seeing Conescu's tooth flying. Until today I always thought it was andy goodway that elbowed him.

5 days ago
Hayne’s departure a blue and golden opportunity for Eels

Hayne ruined their attack? Talk about trying to look on the bright side! Treating the freed up cap as 'money to burn' would be the worst thing parra could do. Surely they're keeping some cash in reserve for if he comes back in the next 6-18 months. Questions need to be asked if they sign a bunch of players and then get Hayne when he comes back.

5 days ago
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