Bulldogs can’t match Inglis: Hayne

I think the packs, the halves and the back lines largely cancel each other out. Inglis is capable of doing things that can't be defended. The dogs don't have anyone like that in their team. One or two Inglis moments could make a win impossible for Canterbury.

2 hours ago
Run at me, Keary tells Dogs forwards

I think your wish will be granted Luke. Dogs players biggest worry from this bloke in defence will be the forearms and facials he dishes out while they're being held down by three forwards.

2 hours ago
I’ll make peace with Crowe, says Piggins

Great to see George at the game he deserves it more than anyone. Crowe has saved souths with his millions. Piggins did it by mortgaging his house. He's played for them, coached their great team in 89 and been an administrator. His determination and single mindedness prevented them from merging and got them back into the comp. For a club legend he had been treated shabbily. Still - can't help but feel this is representative of souths fans jumping on the bandwagon at GF time :)

2 hours ago
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