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Wests Tigers: Contenders or pretenders in 2012?

10 Jul 2012

A couple of weeks ago there was a school of thought that the NRL top eight had pretty much been decided and that those teams currently in the top half of the table were simply fighting it out for position. I don’t necessarily agree with that – over the past few seasons there’s been a […]

Who actually owns the NRL rule book?

30 May 2012

State of Origin has highlighted the crisis that the NRL has on its hands at the moments around the officiating of the game. From referees to rule makers there is a genuine problem that the NRL needs to address. Forget whether you think Inglis’s try was or wasn’t a try for a moment – let’s […]

Time to speculate about Blues Origin team

28 Apr 2012

It’s that time of year again, when everyone has their crack at naming their Origin team. It must be one of the few advantages of being a Blues fan at the moment, that we get to have these spirited discussions on the make-up of our side. For Queenslanders, their only point of contention will be […]

The cap, the draft and the Asotasi Effect

The cap, the draft and the Asotasi Effect

22 Mar 2012

Beau Scott’s signing with the Knights seems to have opened a can of worms regarding the transfer of players between clubs (as invariably happens each season), to the point where the old draft discussion has been dusted off and brought out to see the light of day again. For starters, I don’t think it’s actually […]

Why on earth shouldn't Todd Carney go out?

12 Aug 2011

Steve Noyce said yesterday that he knew Todd Carney had been drinking for the past three weeks. If I were Nick Politis, I’d be asking some serious questions of my CEO as to why he didn’t do anything about it other than impose a meaningless late-season alcohol ban. The Roosters, who can’t make the semis, […]

A Test XI with a difference: the Ians XI

8 Jan 2011

Spiro’s article yesterday mentioned a number of Ians: Botham, Chappell and Bell. This had me thinking, that “the Ians” would have a pretty handy first Test XI. I’ve put together the following team: Ian Redpath – Opening batsman of the 1960s and ’70s. Played 66 Tests over a 12-year career. Test average of 43 with […]

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