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No Clarke, no Haddin: Australia need a skipper

No Clarke, no Haddin: Australia need a skipper

16 Nov 2014

With Brad Haddin in serious doubt for the first Test and Michael Clarke sweating on a hamstring injury, there is a possibility that both captain and vice captain will be out for the first Test against India. With this in a mind here are some of the candidates vying to be Australia’s next Test skipper […]

The truth and hearsay in the Kirisome Auva'a case

14 Nov 2014

“There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil.” Walter Lippmann It is a sad indictment of the Australian media when a member of the public feels obliged to contribute to the news cycle through an article of their own in a desperate attempt to inject […]

Can Who Shot Thebarman inspire a new wave of local stayers?

Can Who Shot Thebarman inspire a new wave of local stayers?

10 Nov 2014

Beyond the triumph and tragedy of this year’s Melbourne Cup there was another triumph that was overlooked. Who Shot Thebarman ran third in Cup. The triumph? Forget about locals winning. Overseas visitors have won the last five Cups and in 2011-12-13 filled all placings. The question wasn’t ‘’would an Australasian-bred horse win it again?” It […]

The A-League’s Docklands dilemma

The A-League's Docklands dilemma

1 Nov 2014

Should the Melbourne Victory host this season’s A-League grand final, Etihad Stadium will not be available, raising concerns over the A-League’s future in Melbourne. Victory are set to play five matches at Etihad this year – two derbies, against Sydney FC, Brisbane Roar and Western Sydney. The use of Etihad is due to the expected […]

Hey Paul Gallen, footballers are not boxers

Hey Paul Gallen, footballers are not boxers

27 Oct 2014

Rex Mossop coined many memorable Mossopisms. One of his best has been neglected, when it should have been in common currency this year. “A punch never hurt anyone,” said the late, great Rex, defending footbrawls when they broke out. Or as fellow great, the late Frank Hyde would say: “a bout of fisticuffs” or “giving […]

Inequality or mediocrity: Football’s dilemma

Inequality or mediocrity: Football's dilemma

26 Oct 2014

Is a football league measured by the quality of the those at the top or by those at the bottom? This is a key question for the future of Australian football. Should the potential super clubs of the A-League be restrained by the capacity – or lack thereof – of its weakest links? It seems […]

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