Was GWS the right franchise to plant in western Sydney?

it wasnt just lobbying, the AFL chipped in cash to make the ground into an oval, to this day the AFL still is guarantor for a 5 million dollar loan to the stadiums operators.

8 Aug 2014
The real problem with GWS Giants? Nobody’s supporting them

where the hell does 340+ come from? AFL Fox ratings average 196 for the season, NRL fox ratings sit at 208 for the season. (and thats without Origin/preseason/tests http://footyindustry.com/files/afl/media/tvratings/2014/2014AFLseasonratingsum.png http://footyindustry.com/files/nrl/media/tvratings/2014/2014NRLseasonratingsum.png

8 Aug 2014
AFL’s equalisation farce and expansion dilemma

every time this comes up we go back to 1925. Clubs can and will push the envelope. Brisbane are proving how hard it is to retain players when the chips are down. I think the Father-son rule and the Academies should be on the same level - highest bid required. It should also be extended to SA and WAs under 18s.

21 Jul 2014
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