Hopman Cup set to suffer without star Serbian duo in 2014

As a massive fan of the Hopman Cup, yeah I'm disappointed Djokovic/Ivanovic aren't returning. But it seems Djokovic and Ivanovic return every 2 years just to keep things interesting. I'd expect them to be back in 2015. As for the rest of the tournament, there's some great rising talent in there (Janowicz, Raonic, Tomic, Stephens)... while Tsonga will be the energetic and entertaining one of the tournament.

12 Oct 2013
The 2013 AFL report card

Good overall read. I'd say with all the dramas surrounding Essendon, you'd have to give the season a rating of B- or C. The slighty ratings dip in Perth is due to Friday night games being covered on 7mate, so some footy fans being confused with the setup. ANZ Stadium needs to be barred from hosting AFL games, plain and simple. Meanwhile, as much as the fixturing is unfair or unbalanced... it's the way the competition will be for many years. Unless the AFL want to expand down the track to 20 teams, and make it a 19 round season, then inconsistencies will always pop up. Something that will always hang around.

12 Oct 2013
2013 AFL Grand Final live scores, blog – Hawthorn vs Fremantle

And now the premiership medal being presented. So, there's nothing really to bring from that in all reality... so that will do it from me for today and the season. It's been a very tumultuous season in the AFL. So much talk surrounding the Essendon drugs saga... but what may have been lost in all of that, was the fantastic football played all year. We've seen the Cinderella story of Port Adelaide, we saw the rise of the future stars at the Gold Coast, we saw North Melbourne get oh so close on so many times, and we saw a purple haze cross the nullabor in the intense crossing of a country ever seen! But, it was Hawthorn who were the dominant team all season. They finally stopped the Kennett's Curse, they savaged every team that came before them. And the most attacking team of the competition managed to hold on to the trophy at day's end. Next season kicks off a little earlier, around early March. On behalf of all the live bloggers that toiled away every weekend across the season, thanks for your interaction throughout the year. It's a fun little job to have and we enjoy every second of it as well. So, for 17 teams, they've seen what Hawthorn have done, and they want that trophy in their hands next season. Pre-season training for them would be starting in their minds right now. And trust us when we say... we cannot wait! See you next season.

28 Sep 2013
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