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The teflon era comes to an end

22 Sep 2011

Like the proverbial, dead man walking, Tim Nielsen has gone about his business in Sri Lanka with a sense of dignity and respect. He appeared to take the Argus Report’s findings in his stride, while surely knowing the axe had fallen and the best he could do was slow the bleeding and limp to the […]

Some memorabilia ideas for Channel Nine

16 Nov 2010

With the sea of voices discussing everything in Australian cricket even remotely Ashes related, there has been one key area where the critics have remained strangely silent.

Offering some friendly advice to Greg Chappell

14 Oct 2010

Dear Greg, congratulations on the new role. I was pleased to hear of your promotion to such a key position in the Cricket Australia hierarchy, and I am relieved to know we finally have someone involved in the selection panel with the experience and the bravado to make the big calls.

Time to slice and dice the Aussie side in India

7 Oct 2010

In 1995, U2 and their producer Brian Eno formed a group called Passengers as a side project outlet for their more ambient music leanings. Their best-known song, ‘Miss Sarajevo’, featured an unlikely collaboration with the late tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

What is the best cricket television ad ever?

24 Sep 2010

With this weekend’s AFL Grand Final signaling the impending arrival of 2010/11 cricket season, it’s a good time to start preparing mentally for the latest round of ads featuring our Aussie stars.

Some questions for the summer of cricket

23 Sep 2010

With the 2010/11 cricket season so close I can almost smell it, now seems like a good time to consider the questions likely to discussed by those in the media with less foresight than myself in several months time.