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The almost-weres: A ‘not quite’ Australian XI

The almost-weres: A 'not quite' Australian XI

20 hours ago

Since I first developed an interest in cricket in the late 1980s, a number of great Australian players have either missed out on a Test berth entirely due to intense competition, or had their careers cut short by injury and other factors. I decided to honour these fallen heroes and battlers by putting together an […]

2019: A Test odyssey

2019: A Test odyssey

2 days ago

My favourite types of cricket articles growing up were the ones that speculated on the makeup of future Australian Test teams. Not in three months or next season, but five years from now. Generation next, if you will. With this in mind, and a seemingly endless fervour for all things Ashes, let’s jump ahead to […]

Aussie batsmen take a spin class

Aussie batsmen take a spin class

3 days ago

After a humiliating defeat against Pakistan, Australian coach Darren Lehmann has taken his batsmen to a spin class in Abu Dhabi. While initial plans for the class involved a machine to simulate the Pakistani spin bowling attack, ‘Boof’ abandoned this idea, after team psychologists warned some players were not mentally capable of such an examination. […]

Things we learnt from the One Day Cup

Things we learnt from the One Day Cup

4 days ago

With Sunday night’s final bringing the One Day Cup to a dramatic close, and the running of the Bulls coming to an end following an untimely injury to Usman Khawaja, here are my thoughts on the entree for the 2014-15 domestic season. There’s something in a name New tournament sponsors Matador BBQs were an appropriate […]

Introducing, Australia’s next top wicketkeeping model

Introducing, Australia's next top wicketkeeping model

5 days ago

With the Australian team due back in the country in a few weeks to kick off Nine’s summer of international cricketâ„¢, network executives have recently announced plans for a new reality TV that goes to the heart of a key issue for Australian cricket fans. A joint venture with Cricket Australia, Australia’s Next Top Wicketkeeper […]

The teflon era comes to an end

22 Sep 2011

Like the proverbial, dead man walking, Tim Nielsen has gone about his business in Sri Lanka with a sense of dignity and respect. He appeared to take the Argus Report’s findings in his stride, while surely knowing the axe had fallen and the best he could do was slow the bleeding and limp to the […]

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