Phillip Hughes’ death casts a pall over Australian cricket

Came across as an absolute gentleman, a class act of a lad, a credit to his family. RIP Phil, a life cut tragically short

27 Nov 2014
Amini’s Dortmund adventure starting to catch fire

Super read, Janek, well done... And best of luck, Musti. It's great to read that he's working hard as a 8 with a creative edge, the type of deeper, sharp, creative enabler we can well do with in the national team in the next couple of years

30 Sep 2014
Why I left my heart in Brazil

Just has to drop by to say what an outstanding piece this is Dom, one of the best I've seen here in my five or so years on The Roar. Football, for me, is as much about the experiences it gives you to get to know & meet the world, and they're the mems I most have of Germany in 06. Congratulations & best of luck on Tuesday, I'll be there.

1 Aug 2014
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