One day soon, Bill, the penny will drop

Good morning Brett and all, fine article mate, well played. I would love to see the 'trident' coaching approach of Chieka, Larkham & Foley, with it overseen by a National Director of Rugby as you say. There is merit in this style as you have mentioned and will not go over it but perhaps add something else; Firstly - Give Chieka the gig until 2019 and tell Foley & Larkham not to get involved in any factionalism or white anteing. If they do - they are out and your in McKay! Secondly - let all three coach their provinces in 2015 - I think by taking away three provincial coaches at this stage is a non sense. The Wallaby schedule does allow for it but 2016 could be a different prospect. Three - Get together; get on the same page with a game plan or plans that can be congruent with what each province is doing. Sure there will be nuances for each but have a basic blue print of how Australian Rugby should be played so every Super Team and NRC Team is playing a similar style so if or when a player is called into the fold there is a basic understanding of how the game is to be played and the environment is not foreign to them. Kiwis do it and it seems to work for them. Four - The National Coaching Director - is essentially what the old National Coaching Panel was before it was done away with many moons ago. Harped on about this many times before. This should not be a position held by an aspiring Wallaby coach - but a figure who has been there and done that. I would think Bob Dwyer or Rod MacQueen would be worth approaching. Five - Get the administration and board to be administrators and board members, not hangers on as some appear to be. I think in this age and before there were far too many jersey pullers, blazer brigade types who had access to the team and dressing room. Let the rugby people take care of the rugby. Why a CEO needs to talk rugby tactics etc or even be in or around a dressing shed has always been a mystery to me. Six - appoint a Team Manager - I would think former Detective Inspector Ian 'Speed' Kennedy would do nicely. Been involved in rugby an awful long time, was part of the 99 campaign knows the game and has his Randwick connection with Chieka. Perhaps Jeff Miller, David Giffen or even Dan Vickermann? Touch young but would command respect. Seven - Bill Pulver should resign his post. This is complete speculation but I'll run this by you as a scenario - Bill Pulver phones Michael Chieka two weeks ago and sounds him out about the job. Bill Pulver does not take into account that Cheika and McKenzie go way back to their playing days at Randwick. Bill Pulver tells all that no approach has been made to any other coach. Chieka, as a loyal mate to McKenzie phones him and tells him what Pulver is up to, not to white ant Link but as any good friend should do and tell him that all is not well in his world. As if he was not already aware. You think Ewen would stick around? As I said this is just total speculation and I am not saying this occurred but is it plausible? Mate as for Beale; I wish him well. I don't condone his slanging match with Di Patston, nor do I condone his message incident but as I said yesterday, he is about the only one left standing. What does that infer? I can tell you there are some Wallabies out there, some with a high standing who have done much worse that the inadvertent sending of a vulgar sms or public argument but have had their matters handled inside the inner sanctum. Give him the just punishment he deserves but lets not throw him under a bus as say the look the ARU is now cleansed of its cultural issues. That would be a non sense, but has such non sense not been the modus operendi for the ARU for some time now?

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SPIRO: Anatomy of the ARU-Beale crisis 2: Michael Cheika next Wallabies coach


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SPIRO: Anatomy of the ARU-Beale crisis 2: Michael Cheika next Wallabies coach

Thanks mate- but just A these days :)

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