Beale facing ARU integrity probe after Wallabies flight

Well I would have to disagree Scott. I think it sound to base a view that a professional journalist has used the term "slanging match" correctly. I would think her editors would have thought so to? The Macmillan Dictionary defines it as "an argument in which people (not a person) insult each other." and Google " a prolonged exchange of insults." I am quite happy with the justification on which my inference has been drawn.

14 hours ago
Beale facing ARU integrity probe after Wallabies flight

Hey mate, "And Uncle, how do you know that her involvement was not passive?" The answer is I don't know, but in reading Georgina Robinson's article she states "An in-flight slanging match" I think you could reasonably draw an inference that one party did not berate another whilst the other was passive. The Cambridge on line dictionary defines a slanging match as "an argument in which both people use angry uncontrolled language and insult each other" if Georgina is right in using the term correctly then I think both parties on the face of it have a case to answer.

15 hours ago
A foreign coach? Time for a French (rugby) Revolution

Vive le revolution! What is the name of that coffee shoppe in Agen? :)

16 hours ago
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