Pressure mounts on FFA to take over Roar

I don't want comments, but The Roar are free to publish my AAP stories as they like. This is a news piece I have produced for our wire service, not The Roar regulars. Sorry if you can't find the newsworthiness in it. For record pay is due on 15th of every month, but money was supposed to be in bank accounts yesterday, seeing as the 15th is a Saturday.

18 Aug 2015
Roar in grind as A-League sponsor plunges

I think in tandem with all the other news coming out of this club, Fuss, we can safely say this is a concern.

3 Jul 2015
FFA: We are not taking over Brisbane Roar

OK, but I was never referring to any other story by using the term "multiple sources" - that refers to MY sources.

16 May 2015
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