Uruguay striker Suarez out of World Cup

The fine is a pittance for someone on the money he earns. An outrageously short ban. He has two prior suspensions for the same offence, the last for 10 games. How does he now get one game less for the third offence. Biting can cause all sorts of health problems, not the least of which is the communication of infectious diseases such as aids and hepatitis. I would have thought at least a year for the first offence and then life for the second let alone the slap on the wrist the history of his offending would indicate.

27 Jun 2014
All tremble when the Mankad shows its claws

Atawhai, you gentleman, you. If you had a man plumb lbw you would never warn him, would you?. So why give him the benefit of a warning when he sneaks ground? The umpire rules on it and that is that. Agree with you otherwise though.

18 Jun 2014
Are we ready for the third coming of JOC?

I agree Soap. Forgive but don't forget. Cooper is a prime example. He seems to be doing ok nowadays. However I do not think JOC has done his time. It's less than a year. Why trust him with Cooper again when together (with Beale) they disrupted a number of teams. The Reds have enough trouble without the risk of JOC adding to it.

16 May 2014
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