Australia to face South Africa in NZ sevens quarters

Captain Thunderbolt was an early bushranger (1835 - 1870) and renowned in Australian folklore. It is an historical Australian name but I accept it is a little obscure for international recognition.

31 Jan 2016
Eddie Jones to restore England’s forward fear factor

I wish him all the best but I give Eddie two years and then he will be sacked. Have a look at for what he does when performances are not up to scratch.The English are not going to put up with someone who tells it this straight I would imagine. Hartley as captain will only let him down. A leopard does not change its spots at that level I suspect. Its very hard to have a good set piece with only 7 forwards on the paddock

28 Jan 2016
Kyrgios loses match – and his temper

Hear hear

23 Jan 2016
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