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O’Neill’s parting shot at rugby’s refs

O'Neill's parting shot at rugby's refs

29 Oct 2012

John O’Neill is shortly to leave the ARU and as a parting shot, he had a dig at referees. Fox Sports quotes him as saying: “It is one of my pet peeves that referees do not see themselves as part of the game. “They have to see themselves as part of the entertainment package, and […]

Whingers Gallen and Stuart deserve the sack

Whingers Gallen and Stuart deserve the sack

26 May 2012

Paul Gallen and Ricky Stuart have cast the game of rugby league into disrepute. What petulance from grown men! Gallen had the gall to ask one referee how many Origins he had refereed when a decision went against the Blues. Then, after the Inglis try, he roundly abused the refs for what he thought was […]

Referee’s appointments board is offside

Referee's appointments board is offside

8 May 2012

Last weekend’s Crusaders versus Reds game was a replay of last year’s grand final of the Super Rugby. Yet, much-maligned Bryce Lawrence was handed the referee duties for the occasion. Regardless of whether he did a good job or not (and that issue has taken up a lot of posts since Sunday), why was he […]

Advantage law doesn't live up to its name

23 Apr 2012

Last night I watched the Crusaders play the Hurricanes and Rebels play the Waratahs. In both games the refs correctly applied the current advantage law, resulting in advantages to the offending teams. First, the Crusaders knocked on. The ball was immediately picked up by a Hurricanes player who passed to another and in turn another […]

Australian referees offside with IRB

4 Apr 2012

The IRB International Referee Panel has been published. And if we ignore Steve Walsh, there is not one Australian referee on it. The panel for the 2012 junior world championships has no Australian refs on it at all. The SANZAR merit panel for Super Rugby shows that from 10 spots, there is only one Australian […]

Quade Cooper: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

29 Aug 2011

Again we have seen the highs and lows of Quade Cooper. In general play, he had a solid game last night. He kicked well, both for goal and around the field. He led his backline around the field with aplomb. But then he kneed Richie McCaw in the head. Cooper has been cleared, but here’s […]

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