Karmichael Hunt served notice for supplying cocaine

Oh but Brett he's not just a "good athlete", Trent said he is "one of the best athletes in any code". Surely that makes a difference, no? I mean if he was just an average player or someone like you and I then, sure, throw the book at him. There are some priceless defences being thrown up here by some people. I love the earlier one about it being a "clean drug" and not performance enhancing so really it's not that big a deal.

20 Feb 2015
Super Rugby’s opening round scripts go largely ignored

Reminds me of a snippet from the Simpsons years ago. Something like: Marge: "Homer, it's very easy to criticise" Homer: "Fun too!" Have a dig at a poor performance and you will generally find people rallying around to back you up. Make some positive comments about a good performance and you will find people coming out and accusing you of some sort of bias, argue that you're over-hyping the recipient, something along the lines of "yeah, but he is not as good as player X" or "yeah but it was just a one-off, he didn't play that well last week/year/whatever". There was a point in the Rebels match when the NZ commentators were raving about the Rebels defence. It brought a smile to my face because that's been a bit of an Achilles heel for them. What's also interesting is that Muggleton left them last year. Is this some systems he put in place starting to finally sink in or kudos to McGahan who I assume took defence coach duties into his head coach role. Also particularly pleasing for me was to see a bit of genuine toughness and mongrel (in the right way) from some of the Australian forwards. I was critical of another Timani when he played for the Waratahs but Lopeti showed really good bustle as did the Force forwards as usual - McCalman and Cottrell in particular - even without their usual captain to inspire them on the field in this area. Another reasonably positive thing to see were the scrums I thought. Some really good honest contests for the most part.

17 Feb 2015
Diggercane’s Super Rugby wrap: Round 1

Yeah, McMahon drew some admiration from the NZ commentators which I think is almost always a genuinely good sign. Thanks for the hello fellas.

16 Feb 2015
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