Why the Wallabies should turn White

Forget the World Cup. I'd prefer to get someone on board now who can build long-term than a Band-Aid 'make do' coach to carry us through. I don't hold out much hope at all for the World Cup but want to be sure we are genuinely in a rebuilding phase.

1 day ago
Why Australian rugby is in a good place

Yeah, nah. I opened this one up keen to hear if someone could show me the positives. Alas I'm more depressed now than ever. Not helped by the opening bit about our thoughts and beliefs shaping reality. Sam Harris will tell you quite the opposite: reality shapes our thoughts and beliefs. And how can you suggest Belfort as a motivational speaker. Sure, he must have been remarkable in his day but anyone listening to him now must surely think only one thing through the course of whatever he is talking about: This guy is really good at spinning you-know-what. *sigh* Thanks for trying though.

2 days ago
McKenzie’s resignation shows the Wallabies are still toxic

I've tried to steer clear of many of the articles on this topic but (a) that's difficult and (b) you are one of my 'must read' authors Elisha so,... I have to say this is the best article I've read on the topic(s). Where was the support for Link before his resignation? If that couldn't be provided because they wanted to get the facts straight, then why is it NOW appropriate to support him? And, yes, the best way to defuse this situation would have been to react as quickly as possible. Name a date in the near future for a hearing and then stick to it. If for some bizarre reason not all the facts were available by that date then another hearing could have been scheduled but at least the ARU then controls the message a bit. I wonder what the ARU will do now in terms of getting a replacement coach? Will they continue their apparent inaction and let it drag or knee-jerk the other way and get someone as soon as possible - even if that means compromises are made? As a rugby fan I can't tell you how disappointed I am with what's gone on over the past few weeks. The feelings after the French series, Super Rugby and start of the NRC have well and truly gone.

2 days ago
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