Reviewing the ARU’s fan survey

I agree. I felt the survey was a bit leading. For instance it sets us up a bit for the later decision that the ARU will invest heavily in the Wallabies because lots of people ticked "I follow the Wallabies" and not "I currently play club rugby". There were a few instances where there was an odd range of choices like this that left me scratching my head. We will have to wait now for the "you spoke, we listened" bit later on. I'd be interested to know who (specifically) developed the survey and what the process was.

9 Jun 2015
When Israel Folau fires, the Waratahs fire

Mumm played last week as well. Cant blame anyone for not noticing. He remains the most invisible man that's ever played rugby to me. I've heard I'm wrong about this before and that he does a lot of little things that don't get noticed or show up in the stats. So I watched him exclusively for a few minutes this morning and he didn't. He just ran from side to side, never committing to many rucks (too slow to get there it seemed) or doing much when he got to any he couldn't avoid. Always ready to take the ball... but yet seemingly never the man in the best position to receive it. Anyhoo. Interesting game for the Waratahs in terms of what they will take out of it. Will they come away confident and with some skills starting to click? Or will they try to basketball in the next game as well and get smashed?

7 Jun 2015
Three Amigos can lead Australia to World Cup final: You heard it here first

I am going to defend myself and perhaps disagree with my learned colleagues on this. I am not interested in Coopers form in tests last year. It's form right now that I'm interested in. As I say, he played very well on he weekend and if he can keep that up, he's my pick to start at 10. I agree his defence is better than it was. Marginally. He is still not a confident tackler. I think his shoulder injuries are evidence of a poor technique. I think he tends to try to hit with his shoulder from a too-upright position. He rarely REALLY commits to a tackle and ends up waiting for others to put his man on the ground. Quade will often be left standing up and backing away as opposed to on the ground and rolling away. At the same time Cooper is prone to going for the ball and trying to rip it out of the hands of whoever he is tackling. Sometimes this comes off but more often not. I agree with PeterK that Cooper is a more composed player and eradicated a lot of the erratic from his play.

4 Jun 2015
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