No quick fix under Eddie Jones: Wilkinson

I know he has (had?) some issues but Wilkinson seems a very impressive, level-headed guy. Aside from 'occasional kicking sessions with England', what's his plans for the future?

5 days ago
SPIRO: Aussie sevens need some Quade Cooper lightning magic

Spiro, Spiro, Spiro,... Can't fault your observations but your conclusion seems completely at odds with your observations! You observe: 1) contact area definitely needed improving 2) the Thunderbolts need to stiffen up their defensive patterns 3) other elements (real individual speed, team organisation and a pattern of play that challenged the best defences) were lacking in the Thunderbolts 4) The Aussies had a lack of real speed 5) [The South Africans] clever strategy…added a new dimension to sevens rugby…it worked because the South Africans were judicious when the tactic was used…It was the brilliant use of tactics like these that distinguished the South Africans from the Thunderbolts. So we need to be better in contact, stiffer in defence, better organised as a team, have more speedsters and cleverer with our strategy/tactics. And you solution is: Hopefully Quade Cooper can make the journey from Toulon for Sydney to play for the Thunderbolts next weekend. And, hopefully again, he can add some spark to the Thunderbolts with an imaginative, dynamic passing game. Wait! What?!? How will Cooper do ANY of those things? He's not a good defender - certainly not good one-on-one. He's not an out-and-out speedster. Even if he's a good passer, the team need time together in order to be able to read each other. He's not going to walk off the plane the team suddenly are 'better organised'. And strategy and tactics are things that the coach would hopefully come up with, the team get on the same page and practice a little bit before implementing. Putting a slowish, poor-defending, headless-chook onto the field that NONE of the other players have had time with is a recipe for disaster! We're not THAT desperate.

1 Feb 2016
Bring on the 2016 Super Rugby season

Horan gave CFS a massive wrap early on and he's never lived up to it. I reckon Horan is a fair judge though and CFS has just been stuck with some dire coaching, lost his enthusiasm and perhaps a bit of belief in himself. I'm interested to see whether Folau can make it as a centre as it's been speculated about for far too long. Can't find anything to excite me about watching Palu any more I'm afraid. What I am looking forward to is seeing if any of the young up-and-comers can have a surge in form and seize the opportunity left by some departures. I have to say I'm also death-riding the Reds a little bit because the place has been crying out for a broom to be taken through it and surely another disastrous season would force their hands.

29 Jan 2016
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