Rob Simmons to miss Wallabies’ next two matches


3 Aug 2015
All Blacks maintain their knack of seizing the moment

A couple of very good comments, Targa. The stats tell a story but the real question is: Why? How much do each of the following contribute to the ability of teams to close out halves and matches: 1. Experience 2. Fitness 3. Attitude / mental strength 4. Bench quality / depth All of these are always relative as well. A team might be fit compared to a club side but if they are a lot less fit than their international opposition then that's what's telling. I think 4. has been by far the biggest contributor the closing-out-the-game stat over the past few decades. Other teams have at times been able to have a comparable starting 15 but not a comparable bench. I'm NOT yet doing cartwheels that Australia finally have some depth and therefore bench strength. I think we do in some positions - mostly the forwards interestingly - but we are sadly struggling for a really good starting 15 player in some positions, let along a good bench. Locks and inside backs the problem positions.

28 Jul 2015
Wallabies team to play Springboks: Giteau, Hooper to start

So sorry - just saw it on the 'other side'. Should have known better than to doubt the efficiency of the Roar.

16 Jul 2015
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