[VIDEO] Melbourne Rebels vs Queensland Reds highlights: Super Rugby scores, blog

Who was the better 10? Jack or Quade? And yet there will still be some spruiking Quade needs to be the 10 for the Wallabies. I'm not saying Debrecini should be a Wallaby of course. Not yet at least. Just that we have better options with Foley and Toomua at this stage. Genia played a bit better at times tonight but I'd still take Stirzaker over him at the moment too.

3 Apr 2015
Larkham gives Wallabies a World Cup-winning angle

The Bernie love is strong! I too am a big fan of Bernie and the description of him in this article totally aligns with my recollections: Ball in two hands almost constantly and running the perfect angle to keep the maximum number of defenders in two minds for as long as possible. Also the full range of skills. Another thing that marks Larkham out from most of the current crop of Australian flyhalves is that he was a mad keen defender. Skeleton of a bloke held together by plaster but tough and gutsy. Ah nostalgia.

2 Apr 2015
Cue the ‘strongest conference’ arguments

Be proud of those grey hairs in your beard DC! Grow them out. Take to getting about in a white robe with a staff. Turn up to Waratahs games once AAC is playing again, wait until he has the ball and then do the classic: YOU. SHALL NOT. PASS!

31 Mar 2015
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