The defence of the innocent: An unofficial transcript of the Michael Hooper hearing.

You forgot: In conclusion, it's Mabo, it's justice, it's law, it's the vibe, and…no that's it…it's the vibe.

3 days ago
England floundered in the pool of death because…

We knew this was a do-or-die for England and they were under the pump. So I was expecting to see a team of men in white come out almost literally frothing at the mouth. I expected to see them flooding the breakdowns, relishing the chance to smash the Wallabies and their forwards to really try to assert themselves. And what surprised me the most is that we saw none of that from England. Where was the career-on-the-line aggression? To a large extent I guess you can credit the Wallabies for it's absence. It's hard to flood the breakdown when you have to run backwards in order to reach it. And guys like Hooper were consistently charging up fast so that England were tackled behind the gain line. But I still find it odd and wonder if the players are really all on the same page behind the scenes. Moore after the match spoke about his players playing for each other. I wonder if there wasn't a bit of dissension in the England ranks because they just seemed strangely passionless to me.

4 days ago
2015 Rugby World Cup Big Questions: Snack time

Whilst I seriously think Australia are a fair chance to beat England and Wales and top the pool, I think it could easily all turn pear shaped. Wales are looking really, really good to me. They didn't arrive at their new world ranking by accident. England JUST lost to Wales but in the press and blogs every day that passes their performance is being reviewed as worse and worse. It's been a bit like listening to Statler and Waldorf from the muppets during a 'down' cycle. Despite Cheika trying to seize the underdog status earlier in the week I think here in Australia we've now talked ourselves into being favourites for this match. We're not. The bookies have England as favourites and I think they are (as usual) correct. Whether England can win the tournament is another question. I guess I agree with Brett and Will Sinclair that, although they have a game that can trouble Australia, I'm not sure they have a game that can get them right through the tournament. But then again, I'm not sure who does have a game that can trouble the All Blacks at the moment.

2 Oct 2015
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