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Club Roar Most Popular Video

Club: Gapview Works Cricket Club, Alice Springs, NT
Submitter: Michael Trull

Prize money: $2,000
Judges Comments: For Most Popular Video we’re looking for that moment that makes you stop and go; “wow, that doesn’t happen everyday, I definitely need to watch that again”. That’s exactly what happen here, when you need to score a 6 in the last ball of a grand final… this is the dream that you’re hoping for

Epic Lowlight

Club: Melbourne University Cricket Club, Parkville, VIC
Submitter: Ben Rolfs

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: An Epic Lowlight is those moments when entertainment gold comes from an unexpected failure. We’d never want to be the person on the other end, but appreciate a good laugh when viewing it. This cricket bowl is definitely a laugh.


Club: Penrith Emu’s Rugby Club, Penrith, NSW
Submitter: Tina Cotton

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: Beastmode is a term thrown around the sports world, and absolutely explains itself. We’re looking for that player that plows through the defence like an absolute beast – and this junior player carries half of the opposition with him while doing it!

Pure Skill

Club: St Joseph’s College, Brisbane City, QLD
Submitter: Markus Mikkola

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: You can’t go past an amazing moment of pure skill demonstrated by an individual. The ultimate appreciation is when this moment is caught on camera – this bicycle kick into goal from St Joseph’s College is demonstration of absolute talent.

The Dream Team

Club: Drummoyne District Rugby Football Club, Drummoyne, NSW
Submitter: David Mew

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: Team work makes the dream work and this play from Drummoyne Districts demonstrates why!

Women in Sports

Club: Heidelberg United, Heidelberg, VIC
Submitter: Nick Rahovitsas

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: Women are being recognised for their prowess in sport more so than ever, and highlighting this amazing goal from Heidelberg is definitely a celebration of skill.

Tomorrow’s Stars

Club: Wyong Roo’s, Central Coast, Kanwal, NSW
Submitter: Aaron Papas

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: Promoting and recognising junior talent is the best way for us to find tomorrow’s stars. This little champion, is an absolute recognition of a young gun who deserves to be promoted.

The Jaw-Dropper

Club: Pembroke Old Scholars, CKensington Park, SA
Submitter: Matt Hawyes

Prize money: $1,000
Judges Comments: A moment that makes your jaw-drop is the reason we all love sport. It’s even better when the player is just as surprised by the outcome!

The Sportscaster

Best Produced Sports Video from a budding Spielberg.

Prize money: $1,000
Judging criteria: We’re looking for a video that perfectly captures those epic moments, showing outstanding shooting, editing and production skills. Let your inner Spielberg shine!

*Insufficient entries for July awards*

Glenmore Park Cricket Club
Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club
Melbourne University Cricket Club
Toowoomba Rugby League
Geelong Cricket Club
Devon Meadows Cricket Club