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“Something is rotten in the State of Denmark,” Marcellus said to Horatio in the first act of Billy Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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The Cats are set to continue their amazing dynasty, but today we move onto a club that is looking to launch theirs. Gold Coast enter their fifth season of AFL with a weight of expectation on their shoulders.

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With AFL national draft night upon us excitement is at fever pitch. Fans love the draft because of the hope that it brings for the future.

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It’s the morning of the AFL Draft. If you ask me, it’s just about the best day of the year.

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The AFL admits it cannot say how long the Essendon anti-doping tribunal hearings will last.

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One thing St Kilda have done extremely well in their tumultuous history is nail the No.1 AFL draft pick.

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The AFL aims to put pressure on players through their wallets to curb on-field misbehaviour.

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Today we look at Geelong, one of the most successful teams of recent times. The Cats have just loaded up on firepower ahead of the 2015 season.

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Most of us will say that former Adelaide boss Brenton Sanderson wasn’t a good coach.

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AFL recruiting types have been saying that the victorious South Australian Under-18 team is expected to be well represented on draft night, though it looks like they may not have a top 10 selection.

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Sometimes recruiters get drafting right, sometimes they get it wrong. Sometimes that’s horribly wrong – just ask Tigers fans.

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St Kilda have recorded a massive loss of nearly $2.4m, leaving them close to $9m in debt.

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This is the third and final part of The Roar’s AFL draft preview for 2014. The draft will take place on Thursday on the Gold Coast.

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The International Rules Series between the best players from Australia’s AFL and Ireland GAA competition was resuscitated last Saturday in Perth.

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The 2014 AFL draft is finally here and The Roar is going across the possible prospects in a three-part series looking at the AFL’s next generation.

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The Sydney Swans will play all home games and finals at the Sydney Cricket Ground from the 2017 season.

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The Sydney Swans will reportedly end their regular season commitments to ANZ Stadium from the start of the 2017 AFL season, an agreement that currently sees them host three home games per year at Homebush.

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On Sunday I finally got a team into the finals for my preview series, with the Bombers continuing to defy the odds.

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In less than two weeks the traditional start summer kicks off with that familiar first session at the Gabba.

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Well we’ve come a long way. But the AFL Draft is finally upon us. As it has been for the past few years, the Gold Coast will again play host.

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