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ASADA has deferred the decision on whether they will appeal yesterday’s ‘not guilty’ findings by the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal.

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The Essendon players still on AFL lists can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they can take the field for their teams for the season opener.

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The most important thing about sports journalism is that is has to be current. Well, I’m an idiot – I’ve downright failed in that regard.

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Regardless of whether or not the AFL made the correct decision, I am glad that the 34 current and former Essendon players were found not guilty.

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Two new recruits, one an experienced goal kicker and the other a six-game, hard-at-it midfielder will hold the key for their team’s finals assault.

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As the return of the footy season is only days away, North Melbourne are preparing to launch an assault on the top four.

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Statistically 2014 was Sydney’s best ever home-and-away season, but that all meant very little after a shocking capitulation in the grand final.

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It has been over six months since Hawthorn won its 12th premiership at the expense of their former favourite son, Lance Franklin.

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The Coleman Medal is ruled by the forwards manning the key position posts, and they are absolutely crucial to team structure.

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The landmark players’ victory at the AFL anti-doping tribunal has prompted a renewed storm of criticism about the controversial 2012 Essendon supplements regime.

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Like many other boys, I had a large James Hird poster on my wall as a child. On the back of my door was an equally large Matthew Lloyd poster.

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He’s not quite promising a magical 100-goal campaign, but superstar forward Lance Franklin is plotting to deliver a stylish encore in his second AFL season with the Sydney Swans.

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James Hird has hailed the AFL anti-doping tribunal’s decision as a vindication of Essendon’s position that their players were never given any banned substances.

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Essendon chairman Paul Little is hopeful that ASADA will allow the supplements saga to end once and for all by choosing not to appeal against the AFL anti-doping tribunal’s verdict.

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The AFL anti-doping tribunal has savaged Essendon over the club’s 2012 supplements program and said there was too much reliance on Stephen Dank.

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Former ASADA chief executive Richard Ings has urged the body to respect the ruling of the AFL’s anti-doping tribunal and not appeal the not guilty verdict received by 34 past and present Essendon players.

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To the relief of most open-minded football fans, the Essendon players have been found not guilty after more than two years of the now infamous drugs saga.

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BREAKING: The 34 past and present Essendon players involved in the Bombers’ controversial supplements program of 2012 case have been found not guilty by the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal, the AFL has confirmed.

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“Not guilty.” After 785 days of investigations and legal battles, those two words were uttered by AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal chairman David Jones with respect to the 34 current and former Essendon players tied up with the club’s doping saga.

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After more than two years of speculation, the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal handed down their verdict on Tuesday afternoon, clearing the 34 past and present Essendon players embroiled in the supplements saga.

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