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Before the takes start flying, it’s prudent to take our now bi-annual clinical look at the AFL as a way of setting the scene for the season.

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If you look at AFL expansion strictly from a business perspective, overseas expansion is the next logical step.

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Like any human pursuit worth blood, sweat and tears, sport has always been the whole world writ small. We find in it all the shades of good and evil, nobility and pettiness, generosity and selfishness.

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And we are back! 2017 is here, my friends, and if you’re anything like me you are already brimming with excitement for a new AFL season.

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In just over 60 days the AFL world will rejoice after what has been an intriguing off-season.

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Collingwood heads into 2017 without brand synonymous stars Dane Swan and Travis Cloke, having left behind them a hole of on-field aggression, off-field personality and a whole lot of clear skin ready to be tattooed.

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In alphabetical order, I’m going to offer up my semi-serious views on each of the club’s chosen membership slogans.

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The AFL should be thinking big when it comes to both expansion of the league and expansion of the sport.

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Hawthorn footballer Jarryd Roughead says he is “all good to go” for 2017, even suggesting he could make a return in the AFL pre-season competition.

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No one knows what is going to happen this season. Don’t let them tell you they do.

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Christian Salem got hit in the head by a brick.

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And we’re back! The 2017 AFL season is 71 days away, so it’s the time of year when predictions are flying left, right and centre. Here are some early thoughts, with a simple maths problem at their core.

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Although millions of words have been written over the past four years about Essendon and James Hird, very few have alluded to what is a very simple truth.

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James Hird’s father Allan says there were no signs his son was on a path to ill-health and accused AFL and Essendon administrators of pursuing him as a scapegoat.

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The first thing one needs to remember about James Hird is simple: he is human.

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The AFL and the players’ union are set to resume pay discussions in the hopes of averting a pre-season strike.

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The AFL players’ union have reached out to former Essendon coach James Hird amid growing criticism of his treatment prior to his health crisis.

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AFL is a wonderful unique sport, which is arguably the strongest sport in Australia. However there are two gaps which I believe administrators can address.

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James Hird is modern sport’s ultimate cautionary tale. About power, ego, spin, agendas, QCs, money, supplements, pressure, trolls. Everything.

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AFL figures have shown support for James Hird amid reports the former Essendon coach is in a mental health facility recovering from a suspected overdose.

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