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I have been very lucky to watch AFL footy for a living for the best part of 20 years. I loved the game more than anything as a young boy growing up.

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AFL’s rules have constantly changed over the years, but why? What do we actually gain from changing the rules other than turning away lifelong fans and making it harder to teach new fans due to the complexity of the new rules?

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Damien Hardwick says despite winning just two matches this season, Richmond are a better AFL side than last year.

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North Melbourne veteran Brent Harvey will be hoping to escape the pinch when he resumes his rivalry with Fremantle tagger Ryan Crowley in Friday night’s AFL clash at Patersons Stadium.

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Preview of AFL Round 6 matches (all times AEST).

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Essendon defender Courtenay Dempsey faces a stern test of his fitness and reformed AFL attitude on Anzac Day.

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I was overwhelmed by the robust discussion generated from my first article on club culture. However, I felt I had best clarify the main points I was making.

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Ross Lyon made the headlines on Wednesday with his assertion that there has been a distinct shift in the way AFL games are being umpired in 2014. Specifically, Lyon said, “There are free kicks that were being paid last year that aren’t being paid this year…

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I understand it’s about to change, but I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that the AFL has, so far, declined to play games on Good Friday.

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Prior to many sporting events this long weekend, teams and officials will gather together along with spectators, stand in silence and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice paid by those who gave their life for this country in various conflicts.

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Cards on the table from the get go: I am not an AFL fan. Far from it. But I respect the fact that the 18-man game is the biggest and most successful football code in the country by the length of the straight.

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The arguments that AFL is turning into a different sport are hardly new. There has been the debate that AFL is turning into rugby, and before that it was supposed to be basketball.

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Cricketing great Shane Warne could join the big AFL names who are throwing their clout behind the troubled international rules concept.

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Is it Aussie rules, rugby, or a rodeo show? Fremantle coach Ross Lyon isn’t sure what to make of AFL games anymore, and he’s putting the blame squarely on umpires.

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Banned St Kilda footballer Ahmed Saad is pleading for his AFL future as he fronts an appeal board over his doping ban.

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It’s the most important day on the AFL calendar. With Anzac Day this year falling on a Friday, the stage is set for what should be a blockbuster triple-header with three matches to be played across three different time zones.

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The AFL has announced a major push to revitalise the ailing international rules concept, with a one-off Test against Ireland announced for November. Australia will play Ireland on November 22 at Patersons Stadium in Perth and only AFL players who have achieved All-Australian selection will be eligible.

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Another round completed in the Australian Football League, with the footballers taking us on a wild rollercoaster ride.

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While the ANZAC Day triple-header will highlight Round 6 of the AFL season, one match that will be worth watching is the Saturday night showdown between Melbourne and the Sydney Swans.

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For the second week in a row, patrons attending The Championships at Randwick fell well short of expectations.

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