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As the clock continues to tick and the executioner’s sword still hangs over the Rebels and Force, a realisation has struck me.

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Australian Rugby Union is holding firm on safeguarding the Brumbies amid calls to merge the club with Melbourne Rebels as part of a Super Rugby downsizing.

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The state of Australian rugby is such that two log points, like the ones gained by the Rebels for their unlikely 9-9 draw against the Sharks, go a long way – the closeness of the Australian conference is at least providing an edge that the quality of the rugby currently doesn’t.

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I’m a long-time Roar fan, first-time contributor, however this subject really needs to be addressed and posted to Bill Pulver’s Mosman address!

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The ARU is poised to announce the culling of one Australian franchise this week after SANZAR reportedly agreed to return Super Rugby to a 15-team format. Either the Melbourne Rebels or Western Force will be scrapped.

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For months now, Australian rugby has been a whirlpool of speculation, finger pointing, rhetoric, confusion and anger. I for one am sick of it, mainly because there has been some fantastic Super Rugby on display.

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Super Rugby is going to look a bit different next year – is it going to give the competition a second lease on life, or have SANZAAR needlessly plunged the sport into more chaos?

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The ARU has offered the Melbourne Rebels and Western Force more time to state their case for Super Rugby survival beyond 2017.

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When Australian rugby entered into the professional era in 1996 the state of the game and its previous governance appeared reasonably healthy.

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ARU chief Bill Pulver believes he remains the best man to lead Australian rugby out of its state of turmoil and has no plans to stand down.

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“Would you rather get a bullet to the head, or five to the chest and bleed to death?” When the Brad Pitt-portrayed Billy Beane uttered those words in Moneyball, the point he made was clear: as unappetising a pair of options as those are, there’s little doubt which one most of us would take.

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At 6.04 pm on Saturday, SANZAAR Media put out an email to the rugby world in Australia that was headed: SANZAAR Super Rugby Announcement.

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Reading Wayne Smith’s article in today’s Australian – where his sources tell him that the Force being ditched from Super Rugby is a forgone conclusion – gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

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Each day I read another story about how our Australian Super Rugby teams are no longer competitive, or the lacklustre performance of the Wallabies, or how crowd numbers are dwindling and fan engagement is lacking. I’m sick of it.

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I used to think a contraction of Australian rugby talent from five Super teams to four was the way to go and have commented to that effect on a few Roar threads.

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World Cup-winning coach Bob Dwyer is urging ARU chief Bill Pulver and his board to resign as Australian rugby fans endure the gloomiest start to a season in the professional era.

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Australian rugby is in crisis, or so it seems – so this week’s Roar LIVE will be trying to figure out how we can fix it.

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About a week or so ago, a curious article was published in Business Insider Australia and in email form it made the rounds of the rugby world.

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A worrying story landed in my inbox late last week, pointing to the imminent death of Australian rugby. And not just at the professional level.

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Now don’t get me wrong, there is a lot wrong with Australian rugby at present, mainly in skill set and coaching. But according to the scribes, Australian rugby is on the verge of extinction.

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