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The 2017 season has been a challenging and revealing one for Australian rugby.

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Here’s a wacky thought that seemed far from likely back in June, and even as recently as mid-August: the Wallabies could very easily finish with a winning 2017 international season.

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In the aftermath of the ARU’s decision to ‘discontinue’ the Western Force from Super Rugby, and Andrew Forrest’s promise to establish an Indo-Pacific rugby competition while also supporting the NRC, concerns have been raised.

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The Wallabies go into the fourth game of the Rugby Championship still searching for their first win, despite commendable performances in their last two outings against New Zealand and South Africa.

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A rising tide lifts all boats. What does that mean?

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Another rugby union Test over and get another round of commentary. Lots of talk of the Wallabies ‘building’ – they seem to be forever building – and plenty of advice for the coach.

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Cast your mind back some nine months to January 2017. Australian Rugby is at a low ebb, the Wallabies have had a poor 2016 season with only six wins from 15 games including four losses to England and three to the All Blacks.

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Like every Aussie rugby supporter who still believes in a fair go, I was left with a mix of anger and sadness for our mates in the West when I heard the NSW Supreme Court has decreed that the Western Force will be no more.

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Former Wallaby John Welborn has welcomed the Senate inquiry into the Australian Rugby Union, saying he is disgusted by the leadership of the rugby governing body.

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A Senate committee will inquire into the future of rugby union in Australia, a day after the ARU’s victory in its fight to axe the Western Force from Super Rugby.

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The NSW Supreme Court has pretty much added the final nail the coffin of the Western Force in Super Rugby. The decision has been made and even though the ARU have been shown to be shifty in their dealings with the WARU, the courts have sided with the former.

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Australian rugby union chairman Cameron Clyne has declined to express an opinion on billionaire Andrew Forrest’s touted plan for a rebel competition.

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It’s time now for Andrew Forrest to back off with his campaign to smash the ARU over its decision to axe the Western Force from the 2018 Super Rugby tournament.

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Billionaire Western Force backer Andrew Forrest has said he will set up a rebel competition for the cut franchise to play in after RugbyWA’s Supreme Court appeal to stay in Super Rugby failed.

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Judgment day has arrived for the Western Force, but don’t expect the long-running saga to end just yet.

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Wallabies lock Adam Coleman says he won’t abandon the Western Force just yet even if their Supreme Court appeal against their axing fails.

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Alan Jones’ recent call for the outgoing Commonwealth Bank CEO, Ian Narev, to replace Bill Pulver as CEO of the Australian Rugby Union highlights what is fundamentally wrong with the sport of rugby both on and off the field.

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The National Rugby Championship kicks off this weekend and I’m going to try really hard to care about it this year. Honestly.

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The Australian Rugby Union should show leadership by telling governing body SANZAAR they won’t be cutting the Western Force after all.

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Andrew Forrest has unleashed a withering attack on Cameron Clyne over the handling of the decision to cut the Western Force from Super Rugby, calling for the ARU chairman to stand down over the saga.

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