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Round three of the A-League throws up some interesting match-ups as teams lament their poor start or seek to consolidate their enterprising play in the opening rounds.

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The A-League can ill afford another season of stagnation just because those who run the game are preoccupied with hanging on to power at all costs.

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The crowd played well with a strong four points in Round 1 and the experts performed solidly, accept for one poor soul, who just managed to hit the scoreboard. Daniel Jeffrey takes the early lead with a perfect score in the opening week (no mean feat!).

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Women’s football is hot right now, and the FFA should capitalise!

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Melbourne Victory chairman Anthony Di Pietro has taken aim at Football Federation Australia over FIFA’s looming takeover of the sport in Australia.

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A second division in Australia without promotion and relegation is doomed to fail.

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It’s the final weekend of the off season which makes it a good time to write about expansion again.

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To give them a chance or not to give them a chance? Here are five reasons why South Melbourne must be the A-League’s next franchise.

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With less than two weeks until the new season kicks off, now seems like the perfect time to put out a wish list of some of the things we’d like to see in Season 13 of the A-League.

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While Sydney FC fans bask in the glow of their premiership, championship and an unrivalled and stellar season, there are nine other ambitious clubs circling A-League silverware in 2017-18.

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The Football Federation Australia (FFA) is a distracted organisation that is unable to make strategic decisions to improve the footprint of football in this country.

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Soccer’s civil war is no closer to resolution despite the nine state federations coming to an agreement on how Football Federation Australia’s congress should be structured.

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Embattled FFA chairman Steven Lowy is set to remain in his position following reports that consensus on a new congress was reached overnight.

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It is simply preposterous to suggest the Socceroos would be better off without Ange Postecoglou, since he is still so clearly the right man to get Australia to Russia in 2018.

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Australia’s female footballers will receive a significant pay rise following an agreement between Football Federation Australia, the W-League clubs and Professional Footballers Australia.

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For the first time since 2002 there’s a very real possibility of a World Cup going ahead without the Socceroos being part of it.

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Imagine an alternate reality, in a not-too-distant future. The world game has finally got itself together, and Alex Rance has intercepted the ball, in front of a packed stadium of 60,000-plus spectators.

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If self-interest lead to the demise of the National Soccer League, then Football Federation Australia is in danger of dying a similar death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts.

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So when will the mini-series come out? What Logie-baiting cast will be assembled and to what depths of melodramatic villainy will they have to sink to do the whole noxious affair justice?

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The future of Australian football rests in the hands of FIFA after accusations FFA chairman Steven Lowy twice derailed political consensus over an extraordinary 24 hours.

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