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Australian soccer bosses say they won’t make the same mistakes again after a report detailed evidence of the nation making improper payments in its failed 2022 World Cup bid.

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A-League expansion can’t happen soon enough for football fans around the country. While Southern Sydney, South or South East Melbourne and Brisbane II all have an obvious competitive advantage, there is no reason why regional centres like Geelong, Canberra or Wollongong can’t have take their place in the national league.

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Vigorous discussions around the A-League often have their origins in opinion on an interpretation of raw statistics. The numbers are tweaked and twisted, man-handled and wrenched until a view or slant on the issue at hand is reached.

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There are now two distinct types of football fan in Australia, and Football Federation Australia is busy marketing games almost exclusively to the smaller camp.

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Football Federation Australia has joined the backlash over the ABC’s “cringey” TV broadcast of Sydney FC’s friendly with English Premier League giants Liverpool, telling the network’s management its pre-game, half-time and post-game coverage was below par.

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The A-League season has just been concluded, and the FFA will spend the off-season looking to fill a number of high-profile positions.

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I passed Mathematics at school. Not with flying colours, but competently enough. It has served me well through life.

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SCG Trust chairman Tony Shepherd has flagged a potential Allianz Stadium pitch refurbishment as a key benefit for long-term tenants Sydney FC.

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There are too many professional sports teams in Australia and FFA should start poaching sponsors from other codes.

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Australia’s most powerful FIFA voice Moya Dodd has expressed disappointment at losing her spot at the world governing body’s decision-making table.

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Football Federation Australia has confirmed on Sunday morning that today’s A-League Grand Final, to be played between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory, is officially a sell-out.

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A-League clubs have walked out of a meeting with Football Federation Australia after rejecting a redistribution offer from head office.

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The football on the pitch was outstanding for the first week of the finals, but Football Federation Australia deserve a roasting for their administration off it.

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Dear fellow A-League fan, it takes only a quick glance of the A-League-related articles on this site to realise the passion you have for this competition in Australia.

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As of Saturday, April 8, SBS became the first Australian free-to-air broadcaster with two HD channels, flicking the switch for SBS VICELAND to broadcast in 1080i.

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They say that a league is only as strong as its weakest team. If you take this A-League season as a facile example, we have a long road ahead – 41 points separates the Premier’s Plate winners Sydney FC and last-placed Newcastle Jets.

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The conclusion of season 12 of the A-league is almost upon us, and it looks like it’ll be a four-horse race to win the toilet seat, with Sydney FC, the Victory, Wanderers and Brisbane looking the teams most capable.

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Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of joining some of my football (of the round-ball variety) mates for a six-a-side tournament held in Forster-Tuncurry, The Viking Challenge, organised by Great Lakes United Football Club.

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It’s been reported FIFA has instructed the FFA to reform its governance structure by 31 March 2017. In particular, FIFA wants membership of the FFA to embrace a wider section of stakeholders.

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As the moon plods through its celestial schedule, filling up and slimming down, ticking over through the months, so too do the ebbs and flows of the A-League.

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