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If self-interest lead to the demise of the National Soccer League, then Football Federation Australia is in danger of dying a similar death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts.

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So when will the mini-series come out? What Logie-baiting cast will be assembled and to what depths of melodramatic villainy will they have to sink to do the whole noxious affair justice?

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The future of Australian football rests in the hands of FIFA after accusations FFA chairman Steven Lowy twice derailed political consensus over an extraordinary 24 hours.

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Football in Australia should be on a high.

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Amid all the governance turmoil that’s going on in Australian football at the moment, an ominous new threat has emerged.

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Instead of writing long-winded screeds about the state of the game, Football Federation Australia would be better off making the Matildas the new face of Australian football.

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With little fanfare, the FFA has ushered in a sponsorship deal with betting company Bet365.

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It’s a good thing we have the FFA Cup to distract us from our off-field issues, because Football Federation Australia’s laundry list of problems keeps growing by the day.

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The best football competition in Australia, the FFA Cup, launches into the round of 32 this week.

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FIFA’s planned intervention into the governance of Australian football has been delayed, with FFA’s November 30 deadline to sort out its affairs creeping closer.

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This week Western Sydney Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas sent a letter out to club members. The statement, reinforced with a deliberately stern tone, was aimed at a troublesome minority.

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Let me take you back to 2015, when the Wellington Phoenix were in danger of disbanding.

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If there’s one thing we learnt from Jeff Horn’s world title win, it’s that sports administrators everywhere will never let a fair result get in the way of undermining their own integrity.

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There was once a belief that to measure the success of Australian football, one had to look at how many Australians were playing in the English Premier League.

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Controversy – A prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion. A perfect word to sum up what is about to occur when people are finished reading this article, especially AFL fans.

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Australian soccer bosses say they won’t make the same mistakes again after a report detailed evidence of the nation making improper payments in its failed 2022 World Cup bid.

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A-League expansion can’t happen soon enough for football fans around the country. While Southern Sydney, South or South East Melbourne and Brisbane II all have an obvious competitive advantage, there is no reason why regional centres like Geelong, Canberra or Wollongong can’t have take their place in the national league.

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Vigorous discussions around the A-League often have their origins in opinion on an interpretation of raw statistics. The numbers are tweaked and twisted, man-handled and wrenched until a view or slant on the issue at hand is reached.

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There are now two distinct types of football fan in Australia, and Football Federation Australia is busy marketing games almost exclusively to the smaller camp.

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Football Federation Australia has joined the backlash over the ABC’s “cringey” TV broadcast of Sydney FC’s friendly with English Premier League giants Liverpool, telling the network’s management its pre-game, half-time and post-game coverage was below par.

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