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International officials have finished top level talks with Australian football stakeholders but the absence of Steven Lowy at a final all-in meeting has thrown up further questions about the FFA chairman’s future.

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Football rarely makes substantive changes to its laws of the game.

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Does anyone else get the feeling FIFA will do little to remove the FFA from power, and that we’re stuck with same issues for the foreseeable future?

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Steven Lowy has been granted a stay of execution but FIFA will be well in charge when it returns to Australia to lead bitterly divided stakeholders through more negotiations.

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Football Federation Australia chairman Steven Lowy has refused to rule out legal action against FIFA should the world governing body decide to oust him and his board.

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The immediate future of football governance in Australia has been cast into disarray. The FFA’s proposed congress model was voted down at Thursday afternoon’s annual general meeting, paving the way for FIFA to take temporary control of the game in the country.

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The world players’ union FIFPro has agreed to withdraw its legal challenge to the transfer system at the European Commission after reaching an agreement with global soccer body FIFA to overhaul it.

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Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud secured FIFA’s Puskas award for goal of the year for his scorpion kick against Crystal Palace in January.

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The Socceroos have jumped seven places in FIFA’s world rankings to 43rd after their World Cup qualification victory over Syria.

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Soccer’s civil war is no closer to resolution despite the nine state federations coming to an agreement on how Football Federation Australia’s congress should be structured.

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If self-interest lead to the demise of the National Soccer League, then Football Federation Australia is in danger of dying a similar death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts.

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So when will the mini-series come out? What Logie-baiting cast will be assembled and to what depths of melodramatic villainy will they have to sink to do the whole noxious affair justice?

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The future of Australian football rests in the hands of FIFA after accusations FFA chairman Steven Lowy twice derailed political consensus over an extraordinary 24 hours.

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Football in Australia should be on a high.

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‚ÄčAs a big believer in equalisation I will admit that I welcomed the introduction of UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations with open arms.

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Amid all the governance turmoil that’s going on in Australian football at the moment, an ominous new threat has emerged.

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Many incidents come to mind when a wrong decision made by the referee has caused controversy and arguments as to whether the Video Assistant Referee should be called into action.

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FIFA’s planned intervention into the governance of Australian football has been delayed, with FFA’s November 30 deadline to sort out its affairs creeping closer.

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Australian soccer bosses say they won’t make the same mistakes again after a report detailed evidence of the nation making improper payments in its failed 2022 World Cup bid.

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Australia’s most powerful FIFA voice Moya Dodd has expressed disappointment at losing her spot at the world governing body’s decision-making table.

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