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The Australian Rugby Union’s rejection of billionaire Andrew Forrest’s $50 million offer to save the Western Force was a backflip that came weeks after it told him such a figure would save the club, a Senate inquiry has heard.

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With former Western Force coach Dave Wessels on board, the Melbourne Rebels are hoping the combined knowledge and talent of two success-starved Super Rugby clubs means a change in fortune next year.

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The Melbourne Rebels have got their man, signing the in-demand David Wessels as coach for the next two seasons.

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Cast your mind back some nine months to January 2017. Australian Rugby is at a low ebb, the Wallabies have had a poor 2016 season with only six wins from 15 games including four losses to England and three to the All Blacks.

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Andrew Forrest was obviously busy last weekend, knocking up his plans and his administration structure for the proposed Indo-Pacific competition that he hoped he would never have to unveil.

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Like every Aussie rugby supporter who still believes in a fair go, I was left with a mix of anger and sadness for our mates in the West when I heard the NSW Supreme Court has decreed that the Western Force will be no more.

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Judgment day has arrived for the Western Force, but don’t expect the long-running saga to end just yet.

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Wallabies lock Adam Coleman says he won’t abandon the Western Force just yet even if their Supreme Court appeal against their axing fails.

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Andrew Forrest has unleashed a withering attack on Cameron Clyne over the handling of the decision to cut the Western Force from Super Rugby, calling for the ARU chairman to stand down over the saga.

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A RugbyWA board member claims ARU chairman Cameron Clyne agreed to let the Western Force back into the Super Rugby competition — only to later renege on the offer.

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The Friday 5pm press conference is the oldest trick in the public relations book.

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Western Force losing their license shows that the ARU failed to capitalise on the popularity of rugby in Western Australia.

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Billionaire Andrew Forrest was celebrating a moral victory after helping RugbyWA gain an injunction order against what he labelled as the ARU’s “sham” decision to axe the Western Force.

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Western Australian ARU board member Geoffrey Stooke has resigned from his position in protest of the ARU’s decision to cut the Western Force from Super Rugby in 2018 and beyond.

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Western Force great Matt Hodgson has called for the remaining ARU board members to fall on their swords following their decision to axe the Perth-based Super Rugby franchise.

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The Australian Rugby Union will address the anticipated scramble for the services of Western Force player but the CEO of the axed Super Rugby franchise says their personnel don’t need to make immediate decisions.

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The longest 72 hours in the history of Australian rugby has ended with the ARU finally announcing that it will “discontinue” the Force as the Super Rugby competition reverts to 15 teams from 2018.

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The Australian Rugby Union says financial reasons were behind their decision to cut the Western Force rather than the Melbourne Rebels from the Super Rugby competition.

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When Curtis Rona likened Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest to Donald Trump earlier this week, was it because he thinks he’s the man to bring the “fire and fury” to the Western Force’s fight for survival?

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Billionaire mining magnate Andrew Forrest has issued a blunt warning to the ARU: if you want to cut the Force, you are going to have to defeat me first.

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