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Justin Langer has weighed in on the Middle East crisis, declaring a West Australian is “a must” to resolve the region’s heightening tensions.

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21 June 2012: The Miami Heat dominate the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals. Fears spread across the world of basketball that LeBron James may be legitimately unstoppable. NBA Commissioner David Stern decides to take action.

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The art of sledging has perished underneath a landslide of fatigued quips and peacocking. Out of respect, please turn to the person beside you and tell them to f*** off.

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In a bid to clear the manufactured smoke hanging over tonight’s World Cup final, I have conducted a deep dive inside Wayne Bennett’s mind.

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The England and Wales Cricket Board would like to address the speculation regarding the culture of the England team.

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The constant negativity surrounding Shaun Marsh has become tedious. It’s time to embrace the man for who he is and realise he’s not going to disappear from the public consciousness anytime soon.

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After two days of the First Test, England had their noses marginally in front. Which is fine if you’re in some kind of nose-measuring contest. But cricket matches are rarely won on nasal positioning, and, yet again, victory in this Test arose from other, less facially-centric, skills.

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There’s so much nonsense talked these days about ‘diversity’, isn’t there? Politically correct Greenie types shooting their mouths off without even bothering to get all the facts.

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Australia went into the final leg of the series knowing that they needed to do no more than win one of the three T20 games to retain the Women’s Ashes.

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The first ball of the opening Ashes Test is yet to be bowled but selectors are already giddy with excitement over one player’s performance.

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Following his contract release, Mitchell Pearce has already been linked with a move to the Sydney Roosters.

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So the Australian team for the first Ashes Test has been announced, and as usual the XI has excited furious comment.

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Australia was in a rare state of satisfaction after the euphoria of Wednesday’s historic events, then our selectors leaked a Test squad.

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Panthers bosses still deny any rift between Matt Moylan and Anthony Griffin, labelling the rep star’s permanent departure as a “small blip” they believe they can “work through”.

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With Australia 4-2 up in the women’s Ashes after just three matches, in seeming defiance of the very laws of arithmetic, the two sides visited North Sydney Oval to play the sole Test match of the series.

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There was a time in Australian cricket when the bowlers bowled and the batsmen batted. Unfortunately, this shameful mark on our history can never be changed.

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A human resources manager at a boutique financial management firm has been left red-faced after a crushing faux-pas during Tuesday’s morning catch-up.

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A local man who refers to Mitchell Pearce as “Mr Poodle” says the Roosters should show the halfback more respect.

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Joe Root wants his men to stand up. Well, bugger that! If the Poms want to do that, all we have to do is play cricket like it’s a game of musical chairs.

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Cricket Australia has announced it will no longer be recognising runs or wickets when judging competency.

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