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It’s been a while since I experienced the old familiar feeling of wishing Brian Lara would piss off.

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A special week of celebrations are set to precede the final City versus Country match, with mass withdrawals and questions of relevance scheduled to honour the game’s traditions.

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Jack Watts is handsome, 6’5″ and aggressively white. By conservative estimates, Watts earns probably four times what I do, despite the fact we’re both fairly average at our jobs.

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Faux news: A report has revealed rapid growth in the rugby league media, with numbers of players-turned-pundits on track to outgrow the amount of those actually playing the game.

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In a desperate bid to be noticed by the selectors for a potential Bangladesh series, Usman Khawaja has taken the extraordinary step of changing his surname from the invisible ‘Khawaja’ to the far more prominent and popular ‘Marsh’.

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Sam Powell-Pepper is 19 years old. He is 187cm and 97kg.

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Jason Taylor’s position at the Wests Tigers had become untenable once the club discovered it had endured almost five years without a contract payout.

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The Bears’ takeover bid has long-suffering Gold Coast fans daring to dream of a drought-breaking identity change, their first in almost ten years.

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For two weeks now they’ve been telling us this would happen.

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All eyes are on the Australian selectors as they look to right the ship after a disastrous second Test in Bangalore.

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Bernard Tomic turned heads when he retired due to ‘unbearable heat’ during the Mexican Open, but it seems the tables have been turned.

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Matthew Renshaw covered himself, and the Australian dressing room toilets, in glory this week. A fine innings of 68 on debut in India was briefly interrupted by the undeniable call of nature.

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Young Australian opening batsman Matthew Renshaw has retired hurt from his side’s first innings after reportedly falling victim to the local Indian cuisine.

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Forgive me Father, it has been more than a year since my last article for The Roar.

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With most Australian cricket fans sounding clinically pessimistic about our chances in the upcoming Border-Gavaskar series, it’s no surprise that Indian fans sit smugly on the opposite end of the spectrum.

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The NRL continues with the idea of relocation, completely unaffected by the concept’s strong track record of failed attempts and scant public support.

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Australia will enter the tour of India with plenty of confidence after kicking its own arse in Dubai.

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As winter approaches and the ensuing AFL, league and union seasons begin, players prepare for a months-long darkness of uncertainty as they take their lives ‘one week at a time’.

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While record crowd numbers and TV ratings over the first two rounds for the AFLW might have impressed some, slightly overweight opinion-slinger Dennis Dixon isn’t having a bar of the new women’s league.

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Within forty eight hours of unveiling a revolutionary proposal to give international cricket more context, the ICC have announced that it is unworkable.

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