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At this midpoint of the NRL season, it is time for some suggested ways of maintaining rugby league as the real winner in any game.

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With Cameron Smith now also handling Origin team selections, rugby league officials plan to save the hassle and grant him control of “pretty much everything”.

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It has become a sacred State of Origin tradition for past players to mentor their contemporaries in the build-up to kick-off.

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New South Wales should stop to appreciate the invaluable contributions made by Paul Gallen and Robbie Farah before our team makes further headway in their absence.

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With the Australian Cricket Team knocked out of the Champions Trophy by the ‘New South Africa’ (otherwise known as England) and the players facing unemployment at the end of the month, Cricket Australia is going to need to find 11 players that are not contracted at national or state level to send to Bangladesh.

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Following a dramatic shift in public curiosity, chequebook journalism is giving up on Schapelle Corby to chase Des Hasler.

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John Grant will quit his post as chairman at the end of his tenure, leaving himself eight months to complete his goal of upsetting every single person in rugby league.

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It’s State of Origin time. The most senselessly violent time of the year when 34 men, encompassing almost 9000 hectares of tattooed flesh between them, divvy themselves up by meaningless geographical borders and play some rugby league football.

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New South Wales have gleefully pantsed Queensland to take a 1-0 State of Origin lead, in the process extending their oppressive reign of terror over the hapless defending champions to two consecutive matches.

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Ah State of Origin, one of the few nights a year it’s socially acceptable to drink on a school night.

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Australia’s leading scientific body has released a new report revealing the psychological profiles of New South Wales sports fans who support the Queensland Maroons.

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Queensland’s Origin preparations have been capped off in perfect style, with a mystery illness sweeping through the squad to throw their plans in to perceived disarray.

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According to reports, Collingwood executives are deeply anxious about the AFL’s upcoming Indigenous Round.

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Origin time legally requires us to fulfil two obligations: magnifying the trivial and over-glorifying Queenslanders.

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The New Zealand Warriors have conceded that starting a rugby league team was a “poor business decision” and that the game “probably isn’t their thing.”

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A wildcard weekend in the AFL? Sure, why not? It’s a great idea!

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For those who weren’t paying attention, in rather unceremonious fashion Rafael Nadal won the French Open on Tuesday.

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A local man has luckily escaped injury after almost drowning in a flash flood of predicted NSW Origin teams.

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The NRL has to do more to prevent events out of their control from repeatedly occurring on their watch, but instead the game continues to sit on its hands, reinforcing its proud record of doing nothing to prevent anything.

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Luther Bradbury is worried his mental health might be rapidly deteriorating.

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