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Jack Watts is one of the most criticised players in the competition, with him being dropped from the senior side last week not helping his cause. However, the forward played well in the VFL and should be recalled for his sides clash against Brisbane.

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Round 13 of the AFL season has just concluded. Here is the team of the week.

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Jack Watts is handsome, 6’5″ and aggressively white. By conservative estimates, Watts earns probably four times what I do, despite the fact we’re both fairly average at our jobs.

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If you look at Jack Watts long enough you start to see Josh Fraser. And it’s not just the sad, perpetually sagged shoulders.

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The young guns of 2016 have been in fine form in the early stages of the season.

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The likes of Patrick Dangerfield, Josh Kennedy, Lance Franklin and Gary Ablett may get all the airtime, but plenty of other blokes played just as important a role in Round 1 of the AFL.

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Things are rarely as good or as bad as they seem after Round 1.

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If you follow football and have spent any time on social media then you would no doubt have seen the vitriol and abuse directed towards Melbourne utility Jack Watts over the years, by both Demons supporters and the opposition.

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Seven Brownlow medal votes. Jack Watts, the 2008 AFL number one pick, has amassed a total of seven Brownlow medal votes in his seven-year, 115-game career as a Melbourne Demon.

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After the AFL decided to grant priority picks according to a secret formula, we can only guess whether a battling team is likely to receive one.

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Paul Roos says he’s surprised about the fuss people are making over Jack Watts.

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In the 2008 AFL Draft, Melbourne Selected Jack Watts to be the number one overall pick.

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Ever since the AFL introduced the priority draft pick system, it has caused trouble. First, it resulted in struggling clubs tanking games to ensure that they got their priority pick.

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After all the insignificant, beat-up issues the AFL media has been peddling this year, it is great to see they have finally begun to tackle a serious development in our game – beards.

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The tanking dramas are over and there should be nothing on the minds of the Melbourne Football club besides playing football. Let’s talk about Jack Watts.

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Melbourne are determined to shield exciting key forward prospect Jesse Hogan from the sort of unrealistic expectations that have burdened Jack Watts.

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History may not repeat, but Geelong will be eager to put away Melbourne once again as the two sides meet at Simonds Stadium. We’ll have live scores and updates from 1.45pm AEST.

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The Melbourne Demons horrific start to the 2012 AFL season is a result of poor recruiting decisions over the past five years and its weak development of players.

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In 2008, Matthew Richardson almost won a Brownlow medal as a key forward turned roaming wingman. He averaged career high possessions and still kicked 48 goals for the season. Since, I’ve often wondered why clubs haven’t felt compelled to do something similar.

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The heat should be turned from young Melbourne forward Jack Watts onto senior teammates such as Brad Green and Colin Sylvia, says former AFL premiership coach Robert Walls.

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