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Time is running out for cycling to confront its culture of doping and clean up the sport once and for all, according to the man who brought down Lance Armstrong.

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Ever since the Lance Armstrong drug saga surfaced, the disgraced cyclist has been angling for a return to international competition.

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When are we going to see the Armstrong truth? Because I’m now thoroughly sick of the Armstrong lie.

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I almost felt sorry for Tyler Hamilton. Almost. Of course, I knew this would happen.

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Cancer. Just typing those six letters sends a chill down my spine. Everyone has a story about that horrible disease and mine is inexorably tied to Lance Armstrong.

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Former head of world cycling Hein Verbruggen has angrily rejected claims from Lance Armstrong that he helped to cover up a positive drug test for the disgraced American cyclist.

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Retired Italian rider Roberto Gaggioli told Friday’s edition of the Corriere della Sera that Lance Armstrong paid him $100,000 in 1993 in order to win the Million Dollar Race in the United States.

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Drug cheat Lance Armstrong has met up with one of his former ‘victims’, Christophe Bassons, to apologise for his role in forcing the French cyclist off the 1999 Tour de France.

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A friend today said, “what’s with people still writing stuff about Lance Armstrong, does anybody even care about him anymore?”

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Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong could be warming to an unofficial challenge from Australian triathlon star Chris McCormack.

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It has been a long held belief in boxing that sex before a bout will leave a fighter with weak legs. Australian swimming legend Dawn Fraser on the other hand was of the opinion that it enhanced athletic performance, for her anyway.

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“Man, I’m that busy talking to lawyers and going over things that have happened, I can’t remember what I have and haven’t said. You spend a day in a room with a team of lawyers. It’s like 24-hour root canal.”

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A year on from the release of the USADA’s Reasoned Decision, Lance Armstrong has given a four-part interview with Cyclingnews and while he may not have dropped any bombshells on the sport, there was definitely some startling reading.

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Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong needs nothing less than a “miracle” to revisit his lifetime ban from sports after admitting to doping, the world anti-doping body chief says.

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Disgraced cycling champion Lance Armstrong says he will co-operate in a bid to discover the extent of doping in the sport so long as he’s treated the same as his fellow drug cheats.

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Ah, Mark Cavendish. The most divisive rider in the pro peloton has a new book out.

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The Livestrong cap should have tipped me off, but I wasn’t concentrating. I was too busy peering up the road, searching for the lights of the lead car through the gloom of a miserably windy and cold Victorian afternoon.

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One year on from the bombshell of the Reasoned Decision and Lance Armstrong still doesn’t get it.

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Lance Armstrong’s Sydney Olympic medal is back with the IOC.

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Lance Armstrong says he has returned the bronze medal he won in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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