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They say that the Melbourne Cup is the race that stops the nation, but two heavyweight title bouts in the 1970s involving Muhammad Ali stopped the world.

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Muhammad Ali’s doctor has said he cannot be certain that the boxing great’s remarkable career in the ring contributed to the former world heavyweight champion suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

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Whether it’s hyping up a fight, chanting in a stadium, unnerving the opposing side, or a condescending form of self promotion, the art of trash talk has found its way into sports culture.

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This weekend’s fight between Alex Leapai and Wladimir Klitschko for the heavyweight championship of the world is being promoted as ‘the fight of the century!’

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“It was like death. Closest thing to dyin’ that I know of.” – Muhammad Ali after the Thrilla in Manila fight with Joe Frazier, October 1, 1975

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It is the ultimate sporting debate. Who would win a fight between Muhammad “Cassius Clay” Ali and Mike “Kid Dynamite” Tyson.

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Some rivalries are born in a single era, others stretch over generations.

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Am I the only sports fan who is getting heartily sick of the overuse of the word “great” to describe our sportmen and their achievements?

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It’s been a time of transformation for St Kilda defender Beau Wilkes. Last year, establishing a regular place in the Saints team after a fringe existence at West Coast, he re-invented himself as a footballer.

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The international wires ran hot yesterday with the news that 71-year-old Muhammad Ali was losing his battle with Parkinson’s Disease. The greatest heavyweight boxing champion of all time has been a sufferer since 1984.

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Many sports fans who frequent bars will remember the familiar argument about which player was the best ever in your chosen sport. But what about the best athlete ever, in any sport?

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Floyd Mayweather is the biggest name in boxing. Period. He has a commanding record of 43 wins and 0 losses.

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It was with mounting annoyance that I read a Fox Sports article about Muhammad Ali and his “sickening appearance” at a Marlins game the other day.

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I’m going through a messy divorce. We loved each other dearly; perhaps I was blind to any faults. Yet now I find myself cheating with my love’s worst enemy, that bubbly young one that all the boys like. I am of course talking about boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

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The greatest of all-time, Muhammad Ali, turns 70 this week, and returns home to Louisville, Kentucky to celebrate.

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To pay respects to your fallen heroes is no easy task. It requires fortitude, objectivity and the rose-tinted view that only fond nostalgia can offer. It’s with these thoughts in mind that I pen this tribute to one ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier.

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Boxing legend Smokin’ Joe Frazier has died after a short bout with liver cancer, aged 67.

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The boxing world lost one of its all-time greats yesterday. Joe Frazier, Olympic gold medalists, undisputed world champion and conqueror of Muhummad Ali, died after a battle with liver cancer at the age of just 67.

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When Muhammad Ali surprised George Foreman with a powerful right in the opening seconds of their famous Rumble in the Jungle, Norman Mailer described the sound as “the unmistakable thwomp of a high-powered punch. The sound of a bat thunking into a watermelon.”

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Despite his reluctance to commit to a full year of competition in the 2011 world surfing championship tour, Kelly Slater’s victory in the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks on Wednesday has got the rest of the pro’s thinking “here we go again.”

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