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The NRL have announced that the second-tier salary cap for all clubs has been increased by $65,000. Below is the full press release from the NRL:

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The NRL is preparing to roll out a new-look salary cap by the start of the 2015 season having nearly completed an exhaustive look at ways to improve the current system.

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The idea of the NRL salary cap is to have a level playing field and making all teams equal.

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A fellow league-loving work colleague and I have just been sitting down on a break chewing the fat about the potential marquee system that looks increasingly likely to be proposed as the structure of salary cap come up for an official review.

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The NRL has issued over $500,000 worth of fines to seven clubs following the completion of their 2012 season audit, with Cronulla Sharks, Canberra Raiders, Newcastle Knights and Manly Sea-Eages hit with substantial fines.

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Recent salary cap rumblings have thrown up a plethora of alternatives for a new system when the cash starts flowing into the game, including pioneering a new ‘marquee player’ arrangement.

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The NRL will look at tweaking the terms of its salary cap, but only once the 2013 season is over.

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Let me take you back to late 2012. Rumours surrounded Israel Folau and his return to the NRL from the AFL. He looked likely to return with NRL wooden spooners Parramatta.

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Australia’s elite rugby league players need to be careful in their negotiations for their new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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There are many things in this world that are inherently confusing. Art-house films, tax returns, the appeal of the Madden brothers, just to name a few.

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Why shouldn’t the NRL implement a marquee player rule that allows clubs to sign such players outside the salary cap, like in the A-League?

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I’m surprised. I wasn’t certain Telstra would go all in, but they have – to the tune of around 180 million clams. So it seems the cap will rise to $5.8m.

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This weekend’s NRL grand final features 2012’s two best teams, who also happen to be the past decade’s worst salary cap cheats. Well matched foes indeed.

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The official NRL website states that the NRL Salary Cap ‘assists in “spreading the playing talent” so that a few better resourced clubs cannot simply out-bid not so well resourced teams for all of the best players’.

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Beau Scott’s signing with the Knights seems to have opened a can of worms regarding the transfer of players between clubs (as invariably happens each season), to the point where the old draft discussion has been dusted off and brought out to see the light of day again.

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Reading Danny Weidler is the sporting equivalent of listening to Kyle Sandilands. You don’t do it to like him, you do it to hate him. Not a week goes by that he doesn’t write something that infuriates.

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The first thing for the NRL’s new Independent Commission to tackle should be the salary cap. It must be replaced with a new system.

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The NRL salary cap was once as popular as the carbon tax, but now it’s providing fans with one of the closest competitions in recent memory.

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It’s official: despite their lavish lifestyles and the fact that they play sport for a living, The Sun Herald has revealed that a huge amount of NRL footballers, including some of the games biggest stars, believe they are underpaid.

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The 2010 NRL salary cap scandal was meant to rip a club apart and destroy the powerhouse Melbourne Storm for years to come, but after five rounds of the 2011 season it has made little difference to the Storm.

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