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Welcome to the post-truth Australian Football League, where the rules of the previous decade have been tossed asunder and anyone can win the last game of the season.

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Sometimes you become acutely aware that something you are doing is objectively odd.

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And so this is Christmas/ And what have you done?/ Another year over/ And a new one just begun.

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Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and my early gift to the world (particularly the Richmond-supporting part of the world) is the final chapter in my list management series. Let’s get started.

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Based on the current games played at each club, and assuming all players close to the 100-game milestone retain their fitness and form for most of the 2018 season (a big assumption!) Richmond will be the last to welcome a new member to the top 100 game players at any club.

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The answer here is obvious: Dustin Martin won the AFL in 2017. But he was not alone, and in our annual tradition, let’s dish out the rest of the higher honours before the year is out.

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In the 2017 pre-season I picked three players per club to preview for the upcoming season – now I’m looking back at how they did, and grading their performance. Today I’m looking at the Port Adelaide Power, Richmond Tigers and St Kilda Saints.

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Here’s a list of the things you can do in the AFL to get yourself suspended for three weeks.

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Nathan Broad has been suspended for three matches by his AFL club Richmond for his role in the topless medal photo scandal.

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Nathan Broad, the player at the centre of the Richmond topless medal photo scandal, will make a statement on Monday.

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Home grounds have always provided an advantage in the AFL. Unique dimensions, crowd imbalance and the travel (or lack of) required to get to a ground create a significant advantage for home teams and an extra challenge for away teams.

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A police investigation is currently underway after a woman claimed topless images of her wearing a 2017 AFL premiership medal were circulated without her consent.

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The last two AFL premiers have plenty of things in common, but one which threatens to reshape the league. Small ball is here, and it will shake up every team in the competition.

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Richmond. 6am Sunday morning. The first day of October. The streets are bare, the light is grey, the sun about to rise. An empty Punt Road Oval is to the right, Melbourne’s largest church behind it.

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Remember the days when Alastair Clarkson loaded up his team with players possessing sublime foot skills? When power forwards and rucks mattered? When experience mattered? Well, those days are gone.

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I just want to start off by declaring I love sport but I don’t like AFL.

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As with all articles this week, this one must also start with congratulations to Richmond.

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While the outlier Hawks continued to fill their cupboards with premiership cups throughout 2013-2015, they masked something sneaking up on us in the AFL landscape and landing with a bang in 2016, with the Doggies’ fairytale flag from seventh place.

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Richmond premiership skipper Trent Cotchin has revealed he planned to step down as the club’s captain if the Tigers had missed the AFL finals this season.

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The old adage that a champion team will always beat a team of champions has never rung truer than in the aftermath of Richmond’s 2017 AFL premiership.

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