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SANZAAR has done its best to stuff up the Super Rugby tournament over the last three years, but the governing body has surpassed itself in the stupidity stakes with the Waratahs’ first seven weeks.

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Nearly two months ago, when Andrew Forrest made his grand on-field entry into the biggest and worst-handled saga to have plagued Australian rugby since professionalism, I wrote in this very column that SANZAAR and the Super Rugby competition were at the crossroads.

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There was an early shock in Canberra on Friday night: a pitifully small crowd in to witness a final, which was also the last home appearance for Brumbies stalwart Scott Fardy and the long-awaited return to rugby of Christian Lealiifano.

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And so in Australia the twin power-drunk dogs (ARU and SANZAAR) are being dragged along, bumping up and down behind an old ute looking to replace its drive train with something better.

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No sooner had the Crusaders completed their 31-24 win over the Chiefs – a superb advertisement for both New Zealand and Super Rugby – Fox Sports front man Nick McArdle announced a new statement from the Melbourne Rebels regarding their continued presence in Super Rugby.

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Sheer greed could be the only reason why SANZAAR changed the Tri-Nations – which had comprised of the All Blacks, Wallabies, and Boks – to add the Pumas as the Rugby Championship in 2012.

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ARU boss Bill Pulver will be front and centre at SANZAAR’s executive committee meeting in Tokyo on Friday, but rugby fans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting to hear which Australian franchise is cut from Super Rugby.

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South Africa has been financially rated ‘junk’ status by two of the leading world financial agencies, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch, with Moody’s likely to follow suit sooner rather than later.

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Super Rugby is going to look a bit different next year – is it going to give the competition a second lease on life, or have SANZAAR needlessly plunged the sport into more chaos?

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“Would you rather get a bullet to the head, or five to the chest and bleed to death?” When the Brad Pitt-portrayed Billy Beane uttered those words in Moneyball, the point he made was clear: as unappetising a pair of options as those are, there’s little doubt which one most of us would take.

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At 6.04 pm on Saturday, SANZAAR Media put out an email to the rugby world in Australia that was headed: SANZAAR Super Rugby Announcement.

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It’s hard to decide which rugby governing body out of the Six Nations Committee and SANZAAR has the most egg on their faces.

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SANZAAR has finally revealed the changes to the Super Rugby format to be introduced at the end of the 2017 season, re-jigging the much-maligned format and consigning one Australian and two South African teams to the scrapheap.

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Former Wallabies captain Phil Kearns has challenged the ARU to show some gumption and demand SANZAAR retain all five Australian teams in Super Rugby.

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Reports are flying that the Western Force are set to be the unlucky Australian Super Rugby side cut in a revamped 15-team competition, however the franchise has denied they will be making way at the end of the season.

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When you open a manufacturing business one of the first decisions you make is whether you are going into mass production or whether you are manufacturing niche products.

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As the first rumblings of a looming Super Rugby restructure emerged, it became increasingly clear that professional rugby had entered a new and especially perilous phase.

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Australia will lose one of its five Super Rugby teams ahead of next year’s competition, according to Cheetahs boss Harold Verster.

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As we wait for an official statement to emerge from the SANZAAR powwow in London, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to deviate from the apparent obsessive focus on our tier-one problems and ponder an interesting article I read about T2 rugby and beyond.

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Since before the Super Rugby competition kicked off this season, the talk has been dominated by one topic: how many teams will be cut for 2018.

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