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In our golden Australian partnership series we’ve discussed the best batting and bowling combinations in Ashes history.

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Is there anything Australian cricket fans revere more than a great bowler? I’d argue not.

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With the Ashes starting in Brisbane next week, all the talk at this stage is around who will and won’t feature in the first Test.

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It says a lot about the career of Shane Warne that his legacy still lingers over Australian cricket.

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They’re thoughtful people, New South Welshmen.

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On a warm summer’s day in England in 1993, one of the best players of spin in the English team, Mike Gatting, would leave an innocuous looking delivery pitched outside his leg stump, to glance back with disbelief a moment later and see his off stump dislodged by the prodigiously spinning ball from Shane Warne.

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It was one of those exceptional Test matches that did not throw up a victor, but was never short on drama.

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After a sensational finish to the season by the Australian cricket team and the raging success of the BBL, Cricket Australia can be pleased with the health of the game in the country.

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Faux-clusive: Shane Warne has held a news conference overnight to announce he has not featured in the news for nearly 13 days.

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Now I’m no efficiency expert, but it strikes me that the great game of cricket is saddled with an unacceptable degree of wastefulness.

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Almost 24 years ago, Shane Warne announced himself on cricket’s international stage. It was June 1993 when he drifted a leg-spinner well wide of Mike Gatting’s leg-stump and ripped it back to hit the top of off.

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Australia’s method of taking left-arm finger spinners, and that alone, as Nathan Lyon’s spin twin for tours of the subcontinent have been tried and failed, and it is time for the Aussies to include a leg-spinner in their touring party for India this February.

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Australian cricket great Shane Warne says Test selectors should look beyond the “safety option” of Steve O’Keefe as a second spin option at the SCG.

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India’s tour next tour of India looms large with the first Test exactly two months from today.

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Australia has been blessed with outstanding ODI cricketers over the past twenty years.

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The end of the year brings with it plenty of discussion about who had the best past 12 months, and in keeping with the spirit of our site, deciding who wins in The Roar‘s Sports Awards 2016 is entirely up to you.

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We’ve all shared our thoughts on everything the recent Test series had to offer – including the magical powers of lozenges – with the exception of how the most important team fared: the Channel Nine commentary team.

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In the wake of revelations that Shane Warne could become the temporary Australian Twenty20 coach for a three-match period, controversial former captain Michael Clarke could take the reigns of the Australian side himself.

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As the dust tries to settle following Australia’s shock defeat to South Africa in the first Test at the Waca in Perth, the subject of spin dominated discussions in my neck of the woods.

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Australian spin great Shane Warne has flatly rejected Steve Smith’s explanation for his sparing use of tweaker Nathan Lyon in the first Test against South Africa in Perth.

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