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The 2017-18 A-League season will kick off on October 6 in Brisbane, with a blockbuster round to get things underway.

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The final sport in our series is football, easily the most played sport of the five we’ve analysed. But does that have anything to do with the athletic prowess required to perform?

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I take sport very seriously. Far too seriously according to some. It’s not intentional, just the way that I am hard wired.

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As England laboured in recent post-season international games against Scotland and France, there was one name missing from the squad and teamsheet who would have been an unthinkable omission over the past decade.

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With several less than stellar performances from the Socceroos over the last few matches, the background noise has grown around the need for change.

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1-1. That was the final score between Chile and Australia in the last group match of the 2017 Confederations Cup.

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When will the Philippines find their new Paulino Alcántara? The half-Filipino, half Spanish football hero that set records at FC Barcelona that only Lionel Messi can break.

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Defeat with honour has been the Socceroos’ stock in trade in recent years, so there are some mixed emotions around Australia’s commendable 1-1 draw with Chile overnight.

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Philippine football leagues are going through a series of changes that have left foreign players – players that dominated the country’s football for the past years – frustrated.

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The Socceroos need to defeat Chile by at least two goals if they wish to progress to the next stage of the Confederations Cup. Join The Roar from 1am AEST for live scores and commentary.

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FFA chairman Steven Lowy says the governing body is doing enough to stave off major threats to the sport’s prosperity.

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The formation Ange Postecoglou is propagating at the national level is a big, complex machine, and one that can only thrum cleanly through its revolutions if the parts are hand-crafted and fitted perfectly.

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This has all the makings of a future blockbuster that you and I will pay to watch at a multiplex in ten years’ time.

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Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou doesn’t just want to beat Chile in their Confederations Cup clash.

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As he prepares for game No.100 in a Socceroos shirt, Tim Cahill says he feels rejuvenated in Ange Postecoglou’s next-gen national team.

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Club Roar will be taking a look back at the best submissions over the last seven days, highlighting the greatness of grassroots and amateur sport. It’s the round ball game that has produced the blinders and the best this week.

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The Socceroos’ Confederations Cup fate is out of their hands after labouring to a 1-1 draw with Cameroon in St Petersburg.

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The A-League has finished for the season but the chatter among fans about where to take the beautiful game is never ending.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015. That was the last time the Socceroos played in Queensland.

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Calls for the current leaders at FFA to leave are nothing new but it begs the question, who comes next?

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