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Nothing makes a rugby league fan shake their head and wonder why they bother quite like a player’s brain failing at the worst possible moment.

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With the 2016 NRL season drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at some of the key points to take from the year that’s been.

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Coach Laurie Daley says the next NSW State of Origin captain will be told a month or two before the 2017 series so he can be fully prepared.

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Rugby league players consistently perform unbelievably athletic feats on the field. Whether that be fearlessly launching themselves at defensive lines or soaring through the air to score a try in the corner; stretching out an arm from what appears to be the first row of seats.

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Laurie Daley is undecided as to whether he wants to coach NSW beyond 2017, but accepts the choice will be made for him if he can’t lead the Blues to State of Origin success next year.

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State of Origin is dead, buried and cremated in the AFL, and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean representative football as a concept should be.

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If what has been reported is true and the NRL takes a State of Origin match to Perth in 2019, then they should explain to rugby league fans the merit of taking one of rugby league’s showpieces away from Sydney and Brisbane to a city where there isn’t an NRL team.

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Aaron Woods knows he will probably never live down his comical post-try celebration fail in NSW’s State of Origin III victory.

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I loved the way the Blues entered Origin 3 at ANZ Stadium, wanting to throw the ball around.

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Their ban may have been lifted but Queensland’s misbehaving Emerging Maroons won’t find it any easier to earn State of Origin selection next year.

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The future of NSW Origin

By , 19 Jul 2016

As a proud Queenslander, I have attempted to look into NSW’s Origin side in the years to come. It’s open to discussion, so leave a comment down below about any changes you’d make.

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Blame Paul Gallen’s NSW captaincy for State of Origin tensions reaching a new low, Queensland Rugby League boss Peter Betros says.

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Making predictions without the benefit of form, injury and players’ scheduled court appearances is fraught with foolishness, but let’s give it a crack anyway. After all, there are only around 315 sleeps until Origin 1 2017!

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As official ruler of the unofficial capital of rugby league, the Brisbane Broncos know silver service. And despite an abundance of NRL luxuries, the competition’s glamour club still unashamedly demands red carpet access to end its longest title drought.

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Victory in a dead rubber proves nothing. The series was lost, the win is meaningless, the consolation is no consolation at all.

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Well it’s over again. Goodbye State of Origin until 2017.

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Tommy Raudonikis once told me that he hated Steve Mortimer so much it was like he’d done something to his sister.

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For the first time in nearly 30 years, a State of Origin game will be played away from Australia’s east coast, with the NRL announcing Game 2 in 2019 will be hosted in Perth.

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With Queensland’s raft of stars stacked strongly against whomever New South Wales can pick, State of Origin runs the risk of boredom.

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Ray and I took a short hiatus up to Lake Crackenbackensack and unfortunately a trip up Charlotte’s Pass resulted in us being snowed in for the week in a cabin – not unlike the one in Tarrantino’s latest flop, The Hateful 8.

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