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Will the young Swans please stand up

Roar Guru
8th June, 2009

A lot of people have said the Sydney Swans are too old and there needs to be more young players. I agree with these views. However, it would seem silly to turf out the older players as these are the guys that are winning games for the Swans.

Sydney has been consistently inconsistent this season, but when they have won, it is the war horses such as Goodes, Kirk, Hall and Bolton that have been the dominant players.

These guys are all close to or over 30.

Hall had a shocker against Hawthorn, but besides Goodes, he was the only multiple goal kicker for the Swans. If he was a lesser player you could have said he had a decent game.

He was by far the Swans worst player, despite his brain snap in the last quarter.

It is about time the younger players at the Swans began to hold their own.

Often a coach is blamed for the lack of younger player development, but Paul Roos had blooded lots of younger players since the 2005 flag. Guys like Simon Philiips, Ed Barlow, Heath Grundy, Tim Schimt, Matt Laidlaw and Kristen Thorton have played a few games, and shown some promise. But ultimately it doesn’t appear any of them are A graders in the making.

Patrick Vezpremi showed some potential last season but has been sidelined with injury this season.

I think a lack of competition and heavy restrictions on the Swans reserves in the Canberra league is the problem.


The AFL must do more to ensure the reserves have decent competition in the Sydney league, particularly with the Western Sydney idea they have.

In the meantime lay off the golden oldies, because without them the Swans would be screwed.