Do we need to know why Tuqiri was sacked?

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By Wally James, Wally James is a Roar Rookie

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    The reports of Tuqiri’s demise have been singularly lacking in detail. Some of the press suggests this is not good for the game. There should be transparency in decisions of this nature, is the argument.

    Some say Lote was on the way out, anyway, what with Hynes, Turner, Ashley-Cooper and Michell being ahead of him on the pecking order.

    Perhaps, though, there is good reason for the secrecy.

    Sometimes justice can only be done when the facts stay between the opponents to an argument. Every day there are courts which suppress the evidence heard by it. Very embarrassing things should not always be public knowledge.

    Just look, for example, at the recent league player who has been stood down for defecating in a pub he was staying in. How does the public knowing that help anyone?

    Not that I suggest for an instant that Lote did something embarrassing.

    But these things can happen.

    The fact that he may have been on the downhill slide from a selection point of view is irrelevant. A standard of behaviour should apply regardless of ability. Otherwise, a fringe selction player might get the boot when a 50 Test veteran does the same thing and stays.

    If the behaviour is bad, it’s bad. He has a bad off-field disciplinary record.

    On occasion, a straw can break a camel’s back.

    All in all, the matter is intriguing, but really none of our business just yet until the ARU or Lote makes it public.

    But, London to a brick, his next employer will want to know all about it.

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    The Crowd Says (9)

    • July 7th 2009 @ 12:58pm
      AndyS said | July 7th 2009 @ 12:58pm | ! Report

      NEED to know – no. But while I can understand why nothing is being said (and am quite impressed by the ability of both the ARU and Lote to keep their mouths shut for a change), the silence and inevitable speculation will become increasingly corrosive to the code. There is never any shortage of lurid imaginations, and the tales will only get bigger.

    • July 7th 2009 @ 1:56pm
      keith lamport said | July 7th 2009 @ 1:56pm | ! Report

      Good on the ARU, at least they are positive in enforcing behaviour standards unlike the NRL who will continue to have problems until they show some collective balls and rip up a few contracts and de-register the dickheads

    • July 7th 2009 @ 6:33pm
      ruckingisfun said | July 7th 2009 @ 6:33pm | ! Report

      It’s a very public business – they make their money (players and their sports bodies) from being high profile and in the public eye

      Therefore for the same reason that Sports Governing bodies demand their players to behave above and beyond the norm with zero tolerance – those governing bodies need to display openness and tranparencty above and beyond the norm.

    • July 7th 2009 @ 8:43pm
      mother teresa said | July 7th 2009 @ 8:43pm | ! Report

      RF, AGREED and it cannot be seen to be selective and timely and self- serving because the punters will not accept it.
      also the great man manager motivates and inspires his followers to self actualise ;doesnt have them buck the system because of genuine caring .tuqiri clearly did not have that rapport or respect.sad

    • July 7th 2009 @ 8:49pm
      ruckingisfun said | July 7th 2009 @ 8:49pm | ! Report

      Yes – my greatest concern over all of this is not the isolated event itself – but the future

      Will the ARU only release selective information in the name of transparency

      But more importantly – do we risk losing top players overseas (not to league) – because they can make more money under more relaxed rules?

      Hopefully this is a line in the sand and the game will move forward from this.

    • July 7th 2009 @ 8:51pm
      ruckingisfun said | July 7th 2009 @ 8:51pm | ! Report

      And be more secure and comfortable about the contracts they have signed

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