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Nine's Olympic coverage: Belinda Noonan and Eddie McGuire spoil the show

Roar Guru
21st February, 2010
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I have to say, I am so disappointed with the Channel 9 commentators of ‘our’ Winter Olympic Games. I have not enjoyed one minute of it, instead preferring to say to my husband to put anything else on as I can’t stand to listen to them.

Who is / was Belinda Noonan and exactly how much experience has she has over how many years? She has nothing positive to say unless led by her male counterpart. Yes, I googled her and but saw very little.

As for Eddie McGuire, he is way past his use by date. He was fired by Channel Nine as their CEO, isn’t that enough to tell them that he should not be used, especially during this beautiful event?

I cannot watch it because of Belinda and Eddie. They are a perfect match; both too self-opinionated.

I am disgusted and ashamed at the moment to call myself an Australian. A word in which Eddie cannot seem to pronounce properly.

Grow up Channel Nine and get over this Eddie thing. Have you no ticker to move into a new era with someone who has had many years experience in these type of games?

Pathetic Channel Nine and if you should win a Logie for this don’t forget it’s because there is absolutely nothing else on television!