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Melbourne Storm salary cap quotes

21st April, 2010
21st April, 2010
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Who said what regarding the Storm salary cap scandal which broke today. NRL CEO DAVID GALLOP: “The rules are the rules. Everyone in this competition knows them, particularly after the Bulldogs, they knew the risks they were taking.”

“They had a long-term system of effectively two sets of books and the elaborate lengths they have gone through to cover this up has been extraordinary.”

“I would hope they would play for personal pride, I’d hope they’d play to restore the faith of so many people who followed that team faithfully.”

“Of course the game can recover. Rugby league is in great shape. In terms of whether the Storm can recover, of course they can.”


“This is not cheating around the edges; this club has had a couple of rats in its ranks and it’s my intention to root them out and try and rebuild a great club.”

“I feel a number of emotions. I certainly feel angry, I feel very, very disappointed, and, quite frankly, I feel sick in the stomach by it.”

“What you’re going to see and hear of is collusion at such a level, and such an orchestrated level of deceptive conduct that you may understand why over a period of five years some $1.7 million was able to be fraudulently misappropriated.”


“(Former CEO Brian Waldron) is the centre. While it’s early days, he appears to be the architect of the whole shooting match.”


“We do accept the referee’s decision, the rules are clear. We’ve broken them we offer no excuse whatsoever. We are devastated by the penalties it is an unbelievable blow. it is the lowest day for the club.”

“It has made everything harder for the Melbourne Storm. We are back at point zero, or even behind the eight ball in building interest and support for rugby league in Victoria.”

“He apologised.” – MOODIE on what Brian Waldron said the last time he spoke to the former CEO.


“It is disappointing for everyone.” – Melbourne Storm five-eighth BRETT FINCH.


“It is a momentous day but also a sad one. The penalty is very severe, one of the most severe in sport, and sends out a clear message to clubs.” – Parramatta chief executive PAUL OSBORNE, whose club lost the 2009 grand final to the Storm

“The Manly club feels bitterly disappointed for all fans of the game particularly our own fans and those of the Melbourne Storm who have every right to feel cheated.” – Manly chief executive GRAHAM LOWE whose club lost the 2007 grand final to the Storm.

“They coped with it pretty good and obviously we came back and won a premiership in 2004.” – Bulldogs coach STEVE FOLKES whose team was stripped of 37 points in 2002 for salary cap breaches.

“The fact they (NRL) have come out very strongly is something we would applaud, you’ve seen how we’ve done that in recent years with Carlton and Melbourne.” – AFL CEO ANDREW DEMETRIOU.

“Melbourne have gone from $251 to $1.01 for the wooden spoon in the space of six hours which has to be the biggest betting move in history.” – Sportingbet Australia’s chief executive MICHAEL SULLIVAN before the rort was revealed


April 3, 1991: NSWRL general manager John Quayle reveals Canberra were in breach of their salary cap when they won the 1990 Winfield Cup.


July 24, 1991: It is revealed the Raiders have substantially breached their $1.5 million salary cap for 1991, sparking an almighty reaction within league ranks.

June 16, 1993: The Gold Coast are fined $50,000 for exceeding their 1992 salary cap by $150,000. They owe the league $200,000 in penalties.

July 14, 1994: North Sydney are fined $87,000 for breaching the salary cap.

December 7, 2000: Eight clubs are found to have exceeded the NRL’s $3.25 million salary cap in 2000. According to the Daily Telegraph, the eight clubs are Auckland, Bulldogs, Melbourne, Newcastle, Parramatta, Penrith, Roosters and Sharks. Over-spending reportedly ranged from $35,000 to $447,000.

February 12, 2001: Brisbane Broncos chairman Peter Chegwyn accuses the NRL of going soft on clubs who have breached the salary cap after eight clubs were fined a total of $395,000 for overspending in 2000. The total penalties amounted to only 25 per cent of their breach, instead of the 50 per cent rate the NRL had earlier announced.

November 8, 2001: The Brisbane Broncos are issued with a breach notice and $50,000 fine for refusing to disclose information to the NRL’s salary cap auditors.

March 13, 2002: Melbourne and North Queensland are fined a total of $190,000 for salary cap breaches from 2001. Angry Storm officials claim they will fight their $90,000 breach.


August 23, 2002: The NRL disqualify the Bulldogs from the 2002 final series, impose a $500,000 fine and a 37 premiership point penalty after detecting $1 million in salary cap breaches. The Wests Tigers are fined $145,000 for breaching their salary cap in payments to centre Terry Hill. Because the breach is of a technical nature, the NRL consider a fine to be a sufficient penalty.

January 29, 2003: The NRL fines four clubs a total of $414,223 for salary cap breaches discovered in 2002 audits. Sydney Roosters ($150,000), Newcastle ($115,000), Brisbane ($82,533) and Melbourne ($66,698) are hit for breaches relating to pre-existing contracts. NRL boss David Gallop insists the Roosters’ fine does not tarnish their premiership win.

April 28, 2004: Six clubs are fined a total of almost $250,000 after breaching the NRL’s salary cap following 2003 audits. Melbourne was the only club found to have exceeded the cap and are fined $130,956. The others: Penrith ($50,000 over two seasons), Newcastle ($30,000), Brisbane ($20,000), Warriors ($15,000) and Souths ($5252) are fined over third party arrangements.

February 13, 2005: Five clubs are fined a total of $275,000 for breaching the NRL’s salary cap in 2004. Melbourne attracts the heaviest fine ($120,000), while the Bulldogs ($72,295), St George Illawarra ($32,286), Penrith ($25,000) and the Sydney Roosters ($25,000) are also penalised for technical breaches following a 2004 audit.

February 27, 2006: The Warriors are stripped of four competition points and fined $430,000 for breaching the salary cap by almost $1 million.

May 31, 2007: Canberra are fined $173,203 for breaching the salary cap in 2006. Another six clubs receive fines ranging from $74,975 (St George Illawarra) to $19,260 (Newcastle).

April 22, 2010: The Melbourne Storm are stripped of two premiership titles, three minor premierships, docked all points for 2010, fined $500,000 and ordered to return $1.1 million in prizemoney after over-spending the salary cap by $1.7 million over five years.