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Shouldn't the A-League and NRL work as allies?

Roar Guru
22nd July, 2010
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I had an idea that came to me this morning. The NRL and the A-League are struggling to keep pace with the AFL in almost all aspects of business at current times.

But I was thinking, why doesn’t the NRL and the A-League begin an affiliation with one another?

While I admit the idea is not perfect to begin with, it may make sense in some areas.

1. Teams that are struggling may have the opportunity to be coupled with a more successful team. In particular, I was thinking that Gold Coast United could have strong ties with Gold Coast Titans as the Titans are doing well on all accounts.

People could buy a split membership that not only entitles them to NRL home games but to A-League home games. This essentially means that individuals can enjoy sport all year round, instead of only during the season of their more preferred sport.

Make the offer enticing by having reduced prices for dual memberships.

2. It could help both leagues in the expansion aspirations. The most obvious would be the possible expansion of the NRL to Perth and Adelaide. But it could also help further expansion in Sydney and even Canberra.

While I anticipate many will argue that a football fan does not support league and vice versa, I believe there is a definite market for the connections to be made.

I believe a system of affiliation could work because I believe the A-League and the NRL are two comps trying to survive under the AFL.


Maybe it’s not a perfect solution, but it may give the leagues an opportunity to get a better foothold in our sporting market.