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Open letter to Wallaby players and coaches

Roar Guru
9th August, 2010
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I think it is appropriate to ask questions of the Wallaby team and coaches regarding the World Cup. We are only 13 months out from the start of the Cup and I have some questions regarding players and coaching and thought some of you knowledgeable posters here may want to add to the questions.

Question #1 to Robbie Deans – How do you plan to get the forwards to compete at the breakdown with consistency and structure? I ask this as it seems we have been without this for years and I am thinking our forwards go in one off and have no support.

Question #2 to Robbie Deans – Your use of the bench seems to have myself and several on The Roar here confused. For example, you did not replace Genia in the CHCH Test even though he was obviously struggling, but you replace Sharpe who was doing a good job for us and keep Mumm on who had done little.

There are many examples but I am trying to keep it short.

What’s going on?

Question #3 – Rocky Elsom. It strikes me that since you have become captain your game has gone to hell in a hand basket. Is the captaincy too heavy a load for you?

Question #4 – Matt Giteau. You are one of the most dangerous broken play exponents around when you chance your arm, how do you regain this ability at 12 that we used to admire so much in you?

Question #5 – Berrick Barnes. You have more natural skill than several players stacked up. Before you run back to league, at this World Cup are you capable of showing us the skills you showed at the last World Cup as a youngster?

Question #6 – Nathan Sharpe. I have not been your greatest fan but you are playing OK this season. This team needs an aggressive second row combination to win this World Cup. Do you think you can be half an essential aggressive second row combination that is critical to winning this Cup?


Question #7 – All Players. We realise you are not our greatest group of players ever but you are all we have and we support you. Can you:

-Work harder on your passing and catching skills?
-Show a real hard man approach to the breakdown in pods?
-Support any player who makes a break? Lose BD, lose game.
-Chase kicks to impact quick put ins and counter attacks?

Decide that the players around you are the ones you will thrive or die with at this Cup and play as if you care for and respect those around you. The fundamental question is are you capable of forming a tight team who accepts your strengths and weaknesses, and will fight together to win this bloody Cup?

It’s up to you Roarers to add questions to this, please try to keep the numbers sequential as you never know they might read it.