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Spider shows he is really a dinosaur

Roar Guru
5th October, 2010
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As the glory of Collingwood’s premiership lowered due to a rape allegations, some people could not stop their mouths from going into overdrive on the issue; one being ex St Kilda, Sydney and Hawthorn ruckman Peter “Spider” Everett.

On his Twitter account, the former champion ruckman launched a tirade against the women saying: “Yet another alleged girl, making alleged allegations, after she awoke with an alleged hangover and I take it an alleged guilty conscience”.

“Girls!! When will you learn! At 3am when you are blind drunk & you decide to go home with a guy ITS NOT FOR A CUP OF MILO!”

I am sickened with these comments coming from a “respected” ex player. Everett is virtually claiming that the girls have lied about a sex attack.

This may be true but, Everett at this stage has no right to make these comments. The investigation is new ad details are sketchy unless Everett knows information we don’t (something I highly doubt).

At the same time, people must not assume the two players are guilty; we must let the justice system unbiasedly determine guilt or innocence.

I have before in previous Roar articles defended people like Andrew Johns and Steph Rice, who have said and done things that have been maybe misinterpreted.

However, I cannot defend what are disgraceful, hurtful and comments that belong in forgotten age. It is out in the open what he said, yet he still claims the “taken out of context” defence.

This was gutless from a man known for courage and really sad at the same time.


More strangely, this is not the first time this year he has posted vulgar, ugly remarks. When Travis Tuck overdosed, he was out in the open blasting the kid who was suffering debilitating depression.

It was a cheap shot but that is Spider apparently – picking on the defenceless to act as the moral police.

I hope that the AFL and all involved in the industry shun him for a long time.

It’s true when a couple go home at 3 they probably aren’t having Milo, but it doesn’t mean women should be subjected to rape. This ugly chapter takes the gloss of a week where the AFL could not put a foot wrong.

Well done Spider, you shown who you really are and we will never forget that.