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Petition for Polota-Nau to keep the fro-mo!

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28th November, 2010
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There was a lot to like about the Wallabies play against the French. The routing of Les Blues in the second half was a satisfying finish to their Northern Hemisphere tour.

Stephen Moore played incredibly well. His line-out throwing was terrific, and he was the more involved forward in gaining meters.

Nathan Sharpe was terrific on the re-starts and with his line-out jumping.

David Pocock showed he can be an effective ball-carrier, as well as a great scavenger. I just want to watch him get better and better.

Berrick Barnes played tremendously well in defence, and his deft passes served the Wallabies well.

Adam Ashley-Cooper was my man of the match. He created two tries off with tremendous fends and hard straight running. Is there a player more determined in the Wallaby side?

My favourite player, Kurtley Beale, was tremendous in straightening-up and giving his winger that extra yard or two.

Bob Dwyer summed-up Beale better than I could when he wrote:

“Their passing was accurate and their lines of running were much straighter, with Kurtley Beale an object lesson for all aspiring players. It’s amazing how acceleration and straight running can fix a defender. Replay Kurtley’s virtuoso efforts over and over for these youngsters!”


But by far the most impressive aspect of the Wallabies play was Tatafu Polota-Nau’s retro 70s fro, complete with a tremendous mo.

I was so happy after the Wallabies win I played ‘We Want the Funk’ by Parliament, and I think Tatafu Polota-Nau was the reason for this.

Polota-Nau’s fro-mo will make him recognized around the world, just as Chabal’s caveman look has made him a famous rugby player. But in reality the fro-mo is far greater than Chabal’s beard.

I’d like to start a petition here at The Roar: 1000 posts for Tatafu Polota-Nau to keep his fro-mo the way it is.

One gets the sense if Polota-Nau keeps his fro-mo, only good things will happen. Countries will unite in mutual admiration for the style, the class, the uniqueness, of the fro-mo.

It’s no coincidence the fro-mo appears and Australia score 59 points. Tatafu, us Wallaby fans are asking you, pleading with you, please keep the fro-mo!