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Waratah lambs to the Cheetah slaughter

Roar Guru
20th March, 2011
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The Waratahs effort has me almost speechless. Saturday night I was all rage and smouldering murderous intent. This morning I am at a loss, same as the Waratahs. There is a sort of emptiness inside, I have been here before.

The Waratahs do not believe that if you win the breakdown you win the game. They commit one player, maybe two, and the rest are bludging in the “D”.

Avoiding the breakdown to reinforce the “D” has to be one of the most stupid coaching calls in history and allows the Waratah forwards jump straight off the hard work hook.

Others know when to put into the ruck and when to stay out, Waratahs see it as an opportunity to have a bludge and give the ball to the opposition unchallenged or, last night many turnovers to Brussow.

Make no mistake this effort should be sheeted home to the forwards who gave Barnes and the backs such poor ball, if any, that the end result was on the cards after 25mins.

The lineout was nonexistent, the scrum poor, their aggression a bleating sound. Mumm was the epitome of the “Silence of the Waratahs” and must NEVER captain a side again.

What really got me fired up was to see Burgess, normally a player who stands up when the Mumm’s of this world sit down, give up with about 15 mins to go and just farted around at the back of the breakdown with no idea what to do.

It is a bad night when my partner mentions that Baxter is one of the few forwards to try hard.

It is really futile to discuss those who played well they were in the smallest of minorities.


The Cheetahs realised that if you get up and into them they were lost, a bit like the Randwick of old. Unlike Randwick, this lot could not pass and catch.

The Cheetahs enjoyed raw lamb last night and will still be full of it.