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Picking a SANFL All Stars team of the 1980s

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29th April, 2011
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The 1980s was a golden period for the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). The South Australian State of Origin team won the national championships three times in the decade, which underlines why the SANFL was a strong competition during this period.

But it’s the playing talent in the SANFL that made the 1980s possibly the greatest decade in the history of this competition: names like Ebert, Aish, McDermott, Kernahan, Bradley, McGuinness, McIntosh, Jarman… the list goes on.

If a SANFL Team of the 1980s was picked, the line-up would look like this:

B: D.Hughes P.Bubner B.Winter
HB: G.Phillips M.Leslie R.Delaney
C: C.Bradley R.Ebert (c) G.Anderson
HF: M.Blight S.Kernahan G.McIntosh
F: R.Davies S.Hodges T.Evans
R: M.Redden C.McDermott J.Platten

INT: N.Craig A.Jarman K.Thomas B.Lindsay

COACH: Graham Cornes

ASS. COACH: John Cahill

UMPIRE: Laurie Argent

What do you think of this SANFL All Stars team of the 1980s?