NRL salary cap breaches by five more clubs

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    The NRL has announced salary cap breaches in 2010 against the Wests Tigers, the Gold Coast Titans, the St George Illawarra Dragons, the Parramatta Eels and the Canberra Raiders following the completion of audits for the 2010 season.

    The largest breach notice is in relation to the Wests Tigers, who claimed a ‘long serving player allowance’ contrary to advice from the salary cap audit team – attracting a fine of $187,140.

    The remaining breaches across the other four clubs were around technicalities of the use of second tier players and how payments for education, accommodation and terminations were made by clubs.

    The NRL also announced that final findings of the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal investigations, with no new penalties or infringements detailed. The breaches led to the Storm being stripped of three NRL competition titles, prizemoney and fined $500,000.

    “The compliance across the vast majority of clubs has been encouraging but the penalties are a reminder that the Salary Cap will be enforced,” NRL Chief Executive, David Gallop, said today.

    “Six clubs were breached last year, most notably the Storm. It is pleasing to see the number down this year but the warning bells for anyone looking to break the rules could not be any louder.

    “For the most part we are seeing a genuine wish to comply with the rules from the clubs but this remains an area in which we are always conducting thorough investigations.

    “The salary cap audit team works incredibly hard to monitor the clubs and deserves considerable recognition for the role it plays in making the Telstra Premiership the closest and most exciting competition in Australian sport.”

    The 2010 Salary Cap Breach notices are as follows:

    Club Fine
    Wests Tigers $187,140
    Gold Coast Titans $76,380
    Parramatta Eels $44,988
    Canberra Raiders $31,657
    St George Illawarra Dragons $15,694

    The Titans have also been breached a further $2,500 for failing to properly register a Toyota Cup player.

    All clubs will have until Friday, May 20, to make submissions to the NRL chief executive in relation to the breaches before any penalties are imposed.

    The Wests Tigers have responded to the breach notice put forward by the NRL, stating:

    “Wests Tigers has always supported the NRL Salary Cap principles and rules. We believe that the objective of equality amongst Clubs is fundamental to the strength and competitiveness of the NRL Telstra Premiership.

    “We also respect the need for Salary Cap compliance to be closely monitored and managed by the NRL.

    “In relation to our 2010 position, however, we strongly disagree with the findings of the Salary Cap audit. The application of the Veteran Player Allowance has been the subject of many discussions with the NRL over an extended period of time. We have maintained a consistent view on our entitlement to the Allowance throughout these discussions. We shall reinforce this view in representations to the NRL Chief Executive in accordance with the prescribed process.”

    Tristan Rayner
    Tristan Rayner

    Tristan is a writer, consultant, racing enthusiast and former Editor of The Roar who has turned the Melbourne Cup into a year-round study via

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    The Crowd Says (11)

    • May 11th 2011 @ 1:05pm
      greg said | May 11th 2011 @ 1:05pm | ! Report

      It generally appears that it a paper work issue not a intent to avoid the cap.

      Nothing to see hear folks…just move on

      • May 11th 2011 @ 7:08pm
        phil said | May 11th 2011 @ 7:08pm | ! Report

        paperwork my arse a breach is a breach they all know that .

        • May 12th 2011 @ 11:11am
          mushi said | May 12th 2011 @ 11:11am | ! Report

          So you’d be happy to go to jail for the late lodgement of a BAS statement?

    • May 11th 2011 @ 3:34pm
      mushi said | May 11th 2011 @ 3:34pm | ! Report

      And the paranoia begins

    • May 11th 2011 @ 4:06pm
      Jaceman said | May 11th 2011 @ 4:06pm | ! Report

      Interestingly these reviews come out in April/May (eg Storm rorts last year). In 2006 however the Warriors were deducted 4 points for the Steve price salary rort (again they blamed player agents) in early march just before they played the Storm which was ironic since the Storm had begun rorting in 2006 (although I’m not sure how they arrived at that date)

    • May 11th 2011 @ 4:20pm
      Crosscoder said | May 11th 2011 @ 4:20pm | ! Report

      Storm are within the bounds now,what happened was under a prior admin,and after much scrutiny,is ancient history.
      Time to move on.
      I think the puishment and fines handed to the Storm were let us say, more than adequate.

    • May 11th 2011 @ 5:01pm
      mushi said | May 11th 2011 @ 5:01pm | ! Report

      I wonder if those that think all clubs should be hit with the same penalties as the storm would be happy to do a five year stretch in jail for a misunderstanding on their tax return.

    • May 11th 2011 @ 6:40pm
      Fez's are cool said | May 11th 2011 @ 6:40pm | ! Report

      Yeah, burn the Dragons!

      An accidental $15k technical breach to do with a Toyota Cup players education expenses equates to a multi million dollar systematic rorting over a period of 5 years.

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