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Playing hybrid rugby in a perfect world

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12th May, 2011
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What if we lived in a perfect rugby world, where both codes joined in harmony, no friction, no code war and everything to gain.

Let’s just say for argument sake, Union and League joined and took the hybrid version with assault.

How would this change the sporting landscape in Australia and New Zealand, also managing to keep fans from both sides and unite as one? Would we out-muscle AFL?

Could we have a 24-team national/international competition?

Would Super Rugby have seven teams in the Australian conference?

Would we have power to wheel and deal more than a $1.25 billion television deal?

Would ‘State of Origin’ be Australia’s biggest sporting event, with a possible Victorian team added in years to come?

I like to believe the answer is, you bet!

This maybe a pie-in-the-sky article for most, but I’ve been considering the benefits, in particular in Australia, and in my opinion, this sounds very compelling.


As hard as this would be to achieve in Australia, for the rest of the world it would be a titanic effort.

Initially, I thought this hybrid version was bogus, however after streaming the Keebra Park v St Augustines college game, I found myself being entertained.

With great reviews from ex-players and coaches of both codes, this could be something taken seriously.

Sport evolves constantly and this hybrid version would be a massive leap forward for any loyal League/Union fan. The pros, in my opinion, outweigh the cons but I just don’t think our society is liberal enough for such change.