Three teams that would suit Dwight Howard

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    Dwight Howard is a man carrying a team. The Orlando Magic made it into the playoffs due to the ‘Superman’ who played his heart out for the team. As trades heat up after the NBA Draft, let’s look at the three big teams that could use Howard’s hustle.

    Boston Celtics

    With the Celtics in desperate need of a starting center, who better than Dwight Howard to help them in which might be their final championship run.

    Jermaine O’Neal is coming to the end of his career, Nenad Krstić has just signed a two-year deal for Russian team PBC CSKA Moscow and of course, Shaq is hanging up the boots after a stellar career in the NBA.

    There’s only one problem, the cash!

    Dwight Howard, being the star he is, needs a large salary if he would consider moving to Beantown, but with Boston’s big three staying put, that only leaves one person, Rajon Rondo.

    Orlando won’t trade Howard unless they get something in return, and who better than a young PG to center your future around.

    However, the question is will the Celtics give up a talented player for a dominant one?

    Los Angeles Lakers

    After being embarrassed by the Mavericks in the conference semi-finals, the Lakers need to change things up.

    Phil Jackson is finished coaching (for now) and Mike Brown has taken over, but will that be the only change in Los Angeles?

    I think, they will target Howard with offers including Bynum, Gasol and Artest.

    You would think the Magic would only be interested in Andrew Bynum because he is a talented young center, as Gasol and Artest aren’t getting any younger.

    You never know, maybe sixth man of the year, Lamar Odom could be thrown in a deal, with reports saying he was just offered to the Timberwolves for the No. 2 pick, but the offer was rejected.

    Even if they don’t acquire Howard, expect one of their starting five to be shipped out of LA in the near future.

    Chicago Bulls

    The Bulls had the best record in the league this past season and also had the MVP, Derrick Rose. Just those two facts should get Superman excited to fly into a Chicago jersey.

    Joakim Noah, Loul Deng and Taj Gibson are names being tossed around for a potential trade. Hedu Turkoglu or Gilbert Arenas would probably join the Bulls, if this deal went down, so the Magic could free up cap space.

    Turkoglu would be the more realistic option and he could add to the Bull’s bench-scoring.

    The thing I’m looking forward to, if Dwight goes to the Windy City, is if the Bulls and Heat make the conference finals again.

    Imagine the star power in that match-up. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh against Dwight and Derrick.

    Now that would be entertaining basketball!

    Unfortunately for now, these are all rumors and until Howard puts pen to paper, speculation on Superman’s future will continue.

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    The Crowd Says (6)

    • June 25th 2011 @ 7:53am
      Keagan Ryan said | June 25th 2011 @ 7:53am | ! Report

      The most likely of those trades to go down is the LA option, but as a Lakers fan I’d rather chase CP3. I’d back in Bynum and Gasol at the front court, we just need to add speed at the 1. The Chicago deal would never happen because Joakim Noah’s contract is ridiculous, no other team would take it. I read a trade prospect on IBT that was really interesting and made sense. Lebron and Howard swap, clearly makes more sense for the Heat. Howard combines with Bosh to create a ‘twin towers’ combination that won Tim Duncan and the Spurs numerous championships, Wade being the primary scorer. It was clear in the playoffs Wade and Lebron didn’t work as a combination, they would always look at eachother waiting for the other to make the move. This trade scenario would mean they are both the go to guys for their respective teams, roles they both flourish in. Would it ever happen? Probably not, but it makes sense

      • July 1st 2011 @ 11:25pm
        Guest said | July 1st 2011 @ 11:25pm | ! Report

        your right…all the Lakers need is a PG..Fisher is old and slow…

    • June 25th 2011 @ 8:34am
      Con said | June 25th 2011 @ 8:34am | ! Report

      Mark my words,
      Brooklyn Basketball 2012-13

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    • June 25th 2011 @ 10:43am
      Swampy said | June 25th 2011 @ 10:43am | ! Report

      What about the clippers lol. La market. Salary cap room with pieces to put on a trade table. Gordon griffin and Howard would make for an interesting starting line up. Only problem would be Donald sterling reaching into his pocket.

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    • June 25th 2011 @ 12:12pm
      Adam said | June 25th 2011 @ 12:12pm | ! Report

      I can’t see Boston or Chicago having enough to warrant trade talks with Orlando. The C’s to get Dwight would most likely have to give up Rondo, one of the Big Three and Jeff Green, which I can’t see happening. Noah is a cult figure in Chicago, and anchors the team defensively, but gives you next to nothing on the other end, so I can’t see Orlando going for Noah either. The Lakers are in the box seat to offer two of their big men in exchange for Howard. If the Clippers were smart (they’ve proven that they’re not), they’d get Howard on a one year loan from Orlando and offer Kaman, DeAndre Jordan, Aminu and the biggest wrinkle – Minnesota’s 2012 unprotected (potentially top five) first round pick. Orlando isn’t getting a better offer than either the Lakers one or the Clippers one.

      • June 25th 2011 @ 1:01pm
        TomSportsReport said | June 25th 2011 @ 1:01pm | ! Report

        Out of the three the Lakers are probably the most realistic option, but you never know. Thanks for commenting!

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