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Three of Australian wrestling's best

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3rd July, 2011
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Call it sport, call it entertainment, the fact remains the Australian pro-wrestling scene is full of passionate, dedicated and talented performers.

With WWE in Australia this week, I thought it would be fitting to give some Aussie wrestlers some coverage:

Tama Williams

Tama Williams has made a big impact on the Australian wrestling scene in such a short amount of time. In just over a year after making his in-ring debut, Tama went on to win his first championship in the AWF, ending Powerhouse Theo’s 18th month reign as AWF Commonwealth Champion.

Tama currently calls the Australasian Wrestling Federation his home state promotion, but Tama has traveled around Australia wrestling for New Horizon Pro Wrestling in Western Australia, PROWL wrestling in Queensland and Pro Wrestling Ignition in South Australia.

When I first witnessed Tama Williams live, he immediately grabbed my attention – from the moment he came through the curtain with such intensity, showmanship and professionalism. Hailing from New Zealand, Tama is proud to express this through his ring attire, ring music and Haka like taunts during his entrance.

Tama William’s current and future contributions will no doubt help the growth of wrestling in Australia. For more on Tama and AWF you can check out for Tama’s official AWF profile and upcoming AWF events.

Adam Hoffman

Who do you think of when someone says Shooting Star Press? Evan Bourne? Billy Kidman? How about Brock Lesnar’s botched attempt at Wrestlemania 19 against Kurt Angle? Well, for me it’s Adam Hoffman.


This young Australian talent can hit the SSP just as good as any WCW cruiserweight or X-Division wrestler. Hoffman has been wrestling on the New South Wales scene for over six years now, and his high flying style has excited fans not in just one promotion, but many across NSW.

Adam can be seen in the rings of International Wrestling Australia, Ultimate Wrestling Alliance and Showtime Wrestling Alliance, but where did this high flyer first start?

Adam first started wrestling in the Australasian Wrestling Federation as Dr. Waxhead, taking on the persona of a Baywatch lifeguard. He would then form a popular group with Scotty Club and female wrestler Bo known as the Surf Club. Surf Club beat Kid Dynamite and JT Robinson in 2007 at the Blacktown RSL to become the second AWF tag team champions. Now Adam Hoffman is enjoying singles success as the SWA champion.

Ryan Eagles

Many American wrestling fans may already be familiar with Ryan Eagles. Eagles is currently over in the States, working with a number of indie promotions including Combat Zone Wrestling. If you’re not familiar with Ryan Eagles then maybe you’ve heard the Eagles name before, but with Madison in front of it.

Current Shimmer Women’s champion Madison Eagles is married to Mr. Eagles and they are both considered top talents to come out of Australia. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Ryan over Facebook and I asked him how he got started wrestling in Australia and who trained him.

I played lots of sports growing up and always was looking for the next challenge, one of the guys I played basketball with invited myself and Jessie McKay’s (PWA female wrestler) older brother to come try wrestling because he knew we were into it and he had just started.

“I went, Jessies brother didn’t. Basketball soon was forgotten about. I would seek help from guys like Will Phoenix before I moved down to Melbourne for a few months and did a whole lot of refining with Jay Andrews, Enforcer and Lobo, before that though it was a lot of trial and error with guys like Justin Cross and High Voltage. Then, as I’ve gone along I’ve tried to pick up as much as I possibly could from whom ever I could”.