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King vs Hunter for the Ultimate Championship

Roar Rookie
7th July, 2011

This Saturday night, the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance puts on a show at the Fairy Meadow, Fraternity Club, pitting the UWA champion Bronson King against Luke Hunter.

Bronson King has improved tremendously over the past year or so with his appearance, mic skills and wrestling.

Bronson used to go by the name “The Captain,” a wrestling cricket player that would walk to the ring with a cricket bat and Network Nine’ss cricket theme playing as his entrance music.

An entertaining part of the show (pro-wrestling is entertainment with elements of sports that cross many demographics and genres), but a character can only go so far before the fans get bored with it and the man behind the persona starts to elevate and step things up.

With his new persona, I think it’s clear Bronson’s love for his craft has been renewed.

Luke Hunter is a guy who dedicates considerable time in the gym and definitely looks the part as one of UWA’s top talents.

While training at the AWF in 2004, Luke popped his shoulder out, which resulted in him taking several years off.

Luke came back, healed up, and pursued his passion and dream. He can now be seen wrestling around NSW with the UWA and IWA (International Wrestling Australia).

You can witness Bronson King taking on Luke Hunter at the Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club this Saturday at 7pm for the UWA Ultimate Championship.