An Aussie Haka could really stir Kiwi emotion

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By Michael Warren, Michael Warren is a Roar Rookie

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    The crowd at the All Stars vs Indigenous Rugby League game in Brisbane played on Saturday night 12th February, 2011, were treated to a war dance display by dancers from the Aboriginal people. What an awesome sight it was, too.

    After falling over themselves to try and show the world how wrong they were on the matter of human rights and having finally apologised to the Indigenous nation for their ‘lost generation’, is Australia learning?

    Maybe it’s my scepticism of how I, a New Zealander, views the Aussie who endeavours to steal, infer, declare or simply highjack most things that they lack and then try and convince the world it was, or still is their own.

    I also tend to feel that Australians try harder to prove they are the best at everything. Failure appears to be no option.

    If you are not a winner (achieved at any cost by fair means or foul) then you and your team are losers, so move over for a winner.

    To do this they acknowledge achievement by generally displaying what is considered by many as arrogance, create an inference and then make that inference fact to overcome any loss by them.

    This helps them feel they were hard done by and were really the winners even though they lost. Such examples are, “What a great try, pity the All Black pass looked forward and because of it we lost.” Or, “We ain’t gonna lose it now Trev so bowl the bloody underarm.”

    Pavalova, Crowded House, Russell Crow and, could it be, the Haka too?

    Aussies on the steal again, is it in their genes?

    They have a will to win.

    By comparison, New Zealander’s seem to have adopted an attitude that it is alright to come second, that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth, if it is alright with the rest of you’ or, ‘it’s the taking part that is more important rather than the winning’.

    Utter nonsense. We as a nation are so obsessed with doing things right, to be seen as fair to all, and are so PC that it has now clouded our brains into believing that all our visuals are to be viewed through tinted frosted glass.

    Accordingly, no one tells you that you are a loser (Denis Connor accepted) and we have made any second place (or less) an acceptable choice.

    Controversy raged over the winning by the All Whites of the NZ Halberg Awards 2011, because they won, or was it that they came second to others who did win?

    Hillary and Tensing were the first on Everest, but who was next? People only remember winners and it’s the ‘mongrel’ that is often said to be missing from New Zealand achievements in sport today.

    We are considered to be the ‘poor cousins of Australia’ yet we refuse to lie in their shadow which is why it makes them try harder and do better than us. The chip on their shoulder is a heavy log.

    In 1976, when Australia won no gold medals at the Olympic Games, a mindset gripped their nation vowing that it would never happen again, and that ‘a win at all costs’ would be the national call.

    We need to adopt the same attitude, arrogance and sheer tunnel vision that their sportspeople have. We do well but we can do better with more focus and less sickening sugary candyfloss.

    Let us stop basking in the glory light of the few and become winners at all things thereby making New Zealand a formidable foe feared by all nations in all sports.

    Winning is in the mind and all games are won before they ever take the field. Any team that goes on to a field without this attitude is a loser.

    Winners only go on to playing fields to find out by how much they won by, not to see if they can win.

    Oh, and by the way, what surprise do the Australians have in store for us at the Rugby World Cup? Singing their national anthem in Aboriginal as well as English? At least they cannot steal our Haka, or can they?

    Do not be at all surprised to see them steal just one more thing from their indigenous brothers before all is forgiven.

    A performance of an Aboriginal War dance as a retaliatory answer to nullify our All Black challenge is now more than likely should we meet them on that final occasion in November.

    But ye of little faith, fear not.

    At last, in the mind of my win at all cost, one eyed, tunnel-visioned, no holds barred, is the bruised and battered All Black mongrel dog, who after twenty four years of waiting has finally taught him that losing will no longer be an option.

    Michael Warren is a resident rugby writer for

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    The Crowd Says (37)

    • August 6th 2011 @ 3:37am
      Axelv said | August 6th 2011 @ 3:37am | ! Report

      Kiwi’s, always claiming the moral high ground!

      When will they learn? 🙂

      War dances have been all over the world for many thousands of years, way before New Zealand became a nation yet alone have a rugby team.

    • August 6th 2011 @ 4:18am
      Damo said | August 6th 2011 @ 4:18am | ! Report

      Michael Warren, good on you for having the guts to put prejudice to paper.
      Australia has much to learn. And much to own up to. My personal theory is that our self esteem is lowered by a lack of historical accountability. But that is for us to work out.
      So Kiwis have No ‘win at any cost’ mentality? Tell that to Ken Catchpoles’s tendon ripped from his bone.
      Paul Carozzas face? Many kiwis I have met are unaware of these two events. But every Kiwi to a man and a woman remembers Chapell’s underarm. Selective delusion?
      Most Aussies myself included have great respect and admiration for NZ’ers. But the reasons others like you may be different to what Kiwis imagine. Obviously you have an indigenous culture that is empowered and allowed to permeate through your mainstream. You have a quieter, more polite (rugby crowds aside) manner, your eshalons of power seem to be peopled by both genders. Visitors all appreciate your friendliness and generosity. To name just a few.
      But Aussie ‘arrogance’ (and inferred lack of kiwi arrogance)? Please?
      No doubt Australians are brash, cocky and ignorant at times. But where does one nation stand to call another one
      arrogant? On a pedestal of deluded humility I would say in this case.
      Polynesian culture, encountered through many friends, strikes me as humble warm and gentle. Does this mean that the mainstream Kiwi culture is also?
      But the fact that the Maori fought and gained respect from very similar British stock to Australia’s first settlers does not mean that New Zealand is uniquely tolerant race -wise. I have heard racist remarks on the South Island to rival bone headed Aussie red necks.
      Michael you have opened more than one can of worms here. But as I wrote at the head good on you for stating publically what many kiwis think. This is one Aussie wishing that Kiwis would think some more and judge a little less.
      We like you guys. We are genuinely disappointed when we find that the feeling is not mutual.

      Yet I have to say that delusion springs quietly on your side of the ditch.
      It is not that Kiwis lack arrogance It is that it has quaint expression.

      • August 6th 2011 @ 7:36am
        Moaman said | August 6th 2011 @ 7:36am | ! Report

        Well put Damo. Im fairly certain that Warren’s piece is entirely a send-up and as such meant to be taken with a grain of salt.We love you ausies(one ess)-really.No,really. 😉

        Warren-I’m pretty sure you will find no language in Australia claiming to be “aboriginal”. .At a guess I would say there would be hundreds if not thousands of diverse aboriginal languages and dialects.

    • August 6th 2011 @ 7:23am
      Quakezone.... said | August 6th 2011 @ 7:23am | ! Report

      BTW What is Australias war dance? Waltzing Mathilda?…..Are the Aboriginal people a “warrior” race? Like trhe pacific Island nations not being sarcastic just asking

      • August 6th 2011 @ 7:27am
        Kuruki said | August 6th 2011 @ 7:27am | ! Report

        Mate you have to be a bloody warrior to live and go barefoot in the middle of that country, when it’s 40 plus and the sun is not the only thing trying to kill you.

        • August 6th 2011 @ 9:35am
          Jason said | August 6th 2011 @ 9:35am | ! Report

          I don’t think walking barefoot in the sun makes you a ‘warrior’. When you compare to the Maori, Zulu, British or Gurkhas, I’d hardly call the Aborigines ‘warriors’. BTW Australia didn’t apologise to the Aborigines, the Labor government did on behalf of PAST GOVERNMENTS and their policies. Get it right before you comment on Australia ‘learning’ and ‘how wrong we were’.

          • August 6th 2011 @ 9:56am
            Damo said | August 6th 2011 @ 9:56am | ! Report

            Oh Jason, just when Australia looks like it’s making progress someone pipes up and reminds us how far we have to go.
            Today that person is you.
            All Australians are the recipients of a vast resource that was used by aboriginal people in their own way till white man came.
            All Australians today share the spoils of that acquisition. Aboriginal people still do not share equally in that opportunity. If you believe that the crimes are all in the ‘past’ Jason then you have not been paying attention.
            If you can’t say ‘sorry’ could you not at least say ‘thanks’.

            • August 6th 2011 @ 10:07am
              Jason said | August 6th 2011 @ 10:07am | ! Report

              lol you have no idea, some of my closest relatives are part-aborigine and this is a non-issue, there are more important things to worry about. I don’t need to say ‘sorry’ cause I’ve done nothing wrong, it’s like a German person apolgising to a Jew or a Turk apoligising to Armenians just because of their race. God forbid the bloodthirstywhite man because their the only only ones that rape, pillage and plunder of course. I think pc white people need to move on or maybe actually go out to an aboriginal community and talk with one.

              • August 6th 2011 @ 12:28pm
                Kuruki said | August 6th 2011 @ 12:28pm | ! Report

                It’s only a non issue to those who have lived off and live on the spoils of a mineral rich country at the expense of the rights of the true owners of the land. That’s like me setting up a tent on your front lawn then saying ‘ it’s algood mate i have no issue with you living in your house’

              • August 7th 2011 @ 8:26pm
                AussieKiwi said | August 7th 2011 @ 8:26pm | ! Report

                Hope people realise that most Australians don’t share Jason’s views.

                He has his facts wrong, not surprising. The apology was on behalf of the current Australian Parliament (NOT past Governments), and was supported by the Liberal opposition.

                Decent people realise it was necessary to apologise for a few small historical unjustices including dispossession, genocide and the stealing of children from their families.

                People with an ounce of intelligence realise that the apology had nothing to do with individual guilt and everything to do with reconciliation.

                And people with a skerrick of historical knowledge know that aborigines fought bravely to defend their land but they couldn’t fight guns with spears. They were indeed valiant warriors.

    • August 6th 2011 @ 7:24am
      Kuruki said | August 6th 2011 @ 7:24am | ! Report

      Id love to see an Australian haka. But only if they were doing it for the right reason.

    • August 6th 2011 @ 7:49am
      Moaman said | August 6th 2011 @ 7:49am | ! Report

      ps.+A quick trawl on Google and it appears that the Pama-Nyungan language family comprises of aprox. 175 languages and various dialects and is most prevalent across southern and central Australia with a cluster of other languages families up around DS’s neck of the woods.

    • August 6th 2011 @ 7:54am
      Todd NQ said | August 6th 2011 @ 7:54am | ! Report

      come on bro – give it up cuzie !! you are the poor cousin deal with it !!!

      ps want a loan!! cause we cousins no interest!!

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