Amazing scenes in Sydney FC’s late win

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    The seventh season of the A-League has now been in action over a month, but a run of away games early meant that yesterday was just the second home game of the season for Sydney FC.

    And it was a game to remember, as the Sky Blues came from two goals down to grab a last-gasp win over Gold Coast United.

    The round-ball game has undergone a revival of support in the early stages of the new season, and an encouraging crowd of 11,051 attended in overcast conditions at the Sydney Football Stadium, well up on last season’s average.

    There were plenty of fans in the Cove, the vocal supporters’ area behind the northern goal. And they were in voice early as the home side threatened to score.

    With a megaphone, a resonating drum, and with big flags waving in the front of Bay 23, the Cove are both a visual and audible stronghold of support.

    As they sang their repertoire of chants, Sydney FC had the ball in Gold Coast’s half and peppered the goals, but were unable to penetrate.

    But against the run of play, it was Gold Coast who opened the scoring. From a corner, Kristian Rees was unmarked and had no trouble in stretching his tall frame to head the ball into the Sydney net.

    The Sky Blues wasted little time looking for an equaliser, but time and again would be denied. United ‘keeper Glenn Moss frustrated Sydney FC with a series of acrobatic saves.

    When Mark Bridge did manage to lob the ball over Moss’ head towards the goals, Michael Thwaite threw himself at the ball, crashing into the woodwork as his scissor-kick kept the ball out of the net.

    As the half-time break neared, and Sydney FC continued to attack, Gold Coast worked to milk the clock to maintain their lead.

    Adama Traore incurred the wrath of the crowd after cynically rolling around on the ground, holding up play as a stretcher was called for only to jump up and return to action.

    Such displays of sportsmanship, while accepted in some parts of our confederation, irritate Australian crowds.

    When Traore went down a second time early in the second half, a chorus of booing echoed around the ground; and after he was subbed off when behind the goals, had to run a gauntlet of angry calls from over the fence as he walked back to the bench.

    But Sydney FC had more important things to worry about, as within seconds of the second half getting under way, the United lead doubled.

    The crowd were still making their way back to their seats as Dylan Macallister caught the Sydney FC defence napping as he faced minimal resistance to steer the ball into the Sydney net.

    The Sydney FC players were stunned, and even the Cove became subdued. The Sky Blues had been the better side around the ground, and had created far more scoring opportunities, but found themselves two goals behind.

    But The Cove regrouped and found their voice. Slowly, with silent pauses, their call echoed around the ground. “Sydney FC, score us a goal” they pleaded.

    Hearing the call was Bruno Cazarine, and on the hour he threw the home side a lifeline. A cross from Pascal Bosschaart found Cazarine’s head, and the ball’s next stop was the corner of the net.

    The crowd roared, a sea of sky blue flags waving around the ground.

    Just two minutes later, Sydney FC were in again. This time it took some individual brilliance from Nicky Carle, curling the ball into the net from a tight angle.

    An even louder roar around the ground rang out, as beer cups flew into the air in the Cove. It had taken only two minutes to wipe out the deficit and put the game back in the balance.

    Momentum was running Sydney FC’s way, and the home side continued to attack. With every corner, the crowd would drum their seats.

    The Cove, more vocal than ever, had plenty to sing about as their deficit had been erased. “Where you go I’ll always follow. Sydney, save our hearts from sorrow” was the call.

    But, although they continued to press, the winning goal would prove elusive. And, as time ticked by, frustration began to take its toll. Referee Peter Green showed his displeasure as he began to flash his yellow card with regularity.

    Sydney FC captain Terry McFlynn, key attacker Nicky Carle and marquee Brett Emerton all found themselves booked, while Gold Coast also found two of their number in the referee’s report book.

    As the clock ticked into injury time, a few patrons decided to leave early to beat the traffic. But they would be regretting their decision, as this was a game when time added on would be more than just the game winding down.

    Sydney FC thought they’d get a penalty when Bruno Cazarine appeared to have been held, but the referee called play on.

    But in the final minute of added time, the referee’s patience ran out, and when Michael Beauchamp was held in the area, Peter Green had no hesitation in pointing to the spot.

    The fate of the game lay on Karol Kisel’s shoulders as he stepped up to take the spot kick. The Slovak international, returning to the club he won championship glory with two years ago, made no mistake with the kick.

    The Cove ran to the front of the bay as the Sydney FC players in front of them jumped over each other with pure joy.

    There was barely time for Gold Coast to kick off again before the full time whistle was blown. Sydney FC 3, Gold Coast United 2.

    A lap of honour for the players, as they bowed to The Cove after the game. Sydney FC had been the dominant side all day, but it had taken until the final seconds for the home side to take the lead.

    But those final seconds were the ones that mattered, and it was a crucial three points for the Sky Blues.

    Other than the dominance of Brisbane Roar, it’s been an even season so far. Only the Roar have a positive goal difference, only two games separating second from last.

    The three points for Sydney FC see them move to fourth place on the ladder.

    On the back of an injury time equaliser against Melbourne Heart last week, and a late winner against Adelaide the week before; the Sky Blues’ superior stamina that sees them run out beyond the 90th minute could well be a significant factor in how the premiership standings take shape this year.

    The Cove continued to sing long after the players returned to the rooms. “Ole ole ole, every day I love you more”. With such a thrilling performance, it’s not hard to see why.

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    The Crowd Says (52)

    • November 7th 2011 @ 10:22am
      Dan said | November 7th 2011 @ 10:22am | ! Report

      Great article,

      Was a great game and the atmosphere was very good at the ground. The fans that left early will be kicking themselves, we couldnt work out why you would leave at 2-2 with sydney threatening at every opportunity. We had a great time, I am starting to see the attraction to this game, so many attempts on goal certainly keep you on the edge of your seat, throw in some interesting ump calls a handful of yellow cards, some very dubious acting by a certain GC player, the tireless and entertaining cove and a come from behind win with the final scored from a penalty in added time and you have the recipe for a fantastic sunday arvo experience, cant wait for CC in two weeks time.

      • Roar Guru

        November 7th 2011 @ 5:29pm
        mds1970 said | November 7th 2011 @ 5:29pm | ! Report

        There was an article on The Roar a couple of weeks ago about fans leaving early. Yesterday was an example of when trying to sneak out before the final whistle was the wrong decision.

    • November 7th 2011 @ 10:50am
      Titus said | November 7th 2011 @ 10:50am | ! Report

      mds–I think you are being a little harsh on Traore. He was obviously injured as he was unable to continue on in the second half.

      It is a shame and I hope is alright because he is a very exciting young talent.

    • Roar Guru

      November 7th 2011 @ 10:57am
      Fussball ist unser leben said | November 7th 2011 @ 10:57am | ! Report

      Really enjoyed the article mds1970 – thank you.

      • November 7th 2011 @ 12:39pm
        Bondy said | November 7th 2011 @ 12:39pm | ! Report

        Hey Fuss , i’ve just become a member as my avatar i want to use a football do you know how to do that please .

        • Roar Guru

          November 7th 2011 @ 12:52pm
          Fussball ist unser leben said | November 7th 2011 @ 12:52pm | ! Report

          Bondy –

          With the old website it was simpy:
          1. Click “Your Profile” – top of this page next to Logout
          2. Click “Update your profile” – RHS box

          Then there used to be a section to “upload a jpeg photo” but I cannot see this any more.

          Perhaps, a message to Tristan?

          • November 7th 2011 @ 1:11pm
            Bondy said | November 7th 2011 @ 1:11pm | ! Report

            Fuss our small community were i live is hurting right now the young couple across the road have a 12 yr old daughter and has been fighting cancer for five years it’s spread right through here now shes now on oxygen it’s very tough for them .

            • Roar Guru

              November 7th 2011 @ 3:33pm
              Fussball ist unser leben said | November 7th 2011 @ 3:33pm | ! Report

              Very sad to hear that, Bondy. Such situations make one feel pretty helpless – all one can do is offer support and comfort. Best of luck and hope the young lass pulls through.

            • Roar Guru

              November 7th 2011 @ 5:34pm
              mds1970 said | November 7th 2011 @ 5:34pm | ! Report

              Sorry to hear that Bondy. Best wishes to the girl and her family.

      • Roar Guru

        November 7th 2011 @ 5:42pm
        mds1970 said | November 7th 2011 @ 5:42pm | ! Report

        Thanks for the kind words Fussball. Cheers.

    • November 7th 2011 @ 11:55am
      Bondy said | November 7th 2011 @ 11:55am | ! Report

      Great drama, i think when Sydney F.C pinched a point against the heart down there thats what really brought them togehter as a unit which is good because we need the sydney market humming .Sydney fc top three finish for mine and the Gold Coast WILL NOT GET THE WOODEN SPOON .

    • November 7th 2011 @ 1:56pm
      Roger said | November 7th 2011 @ 1:56pm | ! Report

      So, why so little discussion about the soft penatly?

    • November 7th 2011 @ 2:12pm
      Phil said | November 7th 2011 @ 2:12pm | ! Report

      11,000 fans from a city of 6 million is absolutely disgusting, they should be drawing 40,000. How can the FFA tolerate this, if they can’t draw a crowd hand the licence over to another Sydney franchise. Why is Fox sports SC and TWG not complaining about this on their shows.

      • November 7th 2011 @ 2:36pm
        Dan said | November 7th 2011 @ 2:36pm | ! Report

        Yes, but Sydney isnt Melbourne, IMO after living here for three years sydney people tend to rather stay at home and watch it on FOX than go to the game. My theory is its the horrendous traffic and distance that they need to travel, coupled with the poor public transport system. It turns out to be a major expedition to get to games. Its not just soccer/football all codes struggle to get attendance numbers in Sydney. Part culture problem, Part City planning problem I think. Free public transport with every ticket purchased would be a step in the right direction.

      • Roar Guru

        November 7th 2011 @ 10:49pm
        ItsCalledFootball said | November 7th 2011 @ 10:49pm | ! Report

        You don’t understand the A-League or its short history Phil,
        or the long history of football trying to establish itself in this country against all odds.

        Football has the most registered players of all codes and actually has the most followers of all sports – 90% of football followers have never been to an A-League game. They follow any one of hundreds of competitions around the world or one of our nine national teams like the Socceroos.

        The A-League alone is not a measure of football’s popularity in this country.

        The 2005 WC qualifier against Uruguay is still the most watched game on FTA.

        Fox sports FC aren’t complaining – they’re very positive about the big increase in crowds and ratings this year compared to last year.

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