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    Melb Victory V Gold Coast


    Melb Victory Match Completed Gold Coast
    11 SHOTS 14
    20 FOULS 17
    2 CORNERS 7
    2 OFFSIDES 2
    51 POSSESSION 49

    Melbourne Victory and Gold Coast United occupy lowly positions on the A-League ladder yet this game will attract as much attention as any other game this round. Join us at 5pm AEDT for live scores and commentary and find out why.

    It’s impossible to write about this game without touching on the off-field events that have haunted the Victory during the past week.

    I am reminded of the opening chapter of Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, where another dust storm ruins the corn crop for the umpteenth time and the women cast sideways glances at their menfolk to see if they will break this time.

    While much of our attention will be on the field, we too will be casting sideways glances at the Victory bench for clues about what is in store for this club.

    Will another draw like last week’s insipid effort against a 10-man Glory be sufficient to save Mehm’s job?

    When he stands in front of that camera and tells anyone who is paying attention that he is the “boss” – do we believe it?

    We are sure to get some sort of answer within about five minutes of the opening whistle.

    Will the boys in dark blue look as if they want to be out there, will they be playing for each other, demanding the ball, showing some energy, some initiative, showing a willingness to take the game by the scruff of the neck?

    For lessons on that last point, we need look no further than how a 10-man Perth scored two goals in the last 20 minutes of play last week, being so unlucky not to take all three points.

    In the meantime Gold Coast United have shown enough this year to suggest they are unlikely to remain bottom for too long.

    Tahj Minniecon is back in the team and Miron Bleiberg has hinted strongly that new recruit and midfield enforcer Jonas Salley is a strong chance to go straight into the starting line-up.

    Gold coast skipper Michael Thwaite got stuck into his team mates during the week for a lack of “mongrel”.

    Well, if Salley makes the team for this game that will be more than addressed, with interest.

    For the Victory, if the off-field shenanigans weren’t already enough to affect the best of plans, they are also experiencing plenty of injury concerns.

    Both Kewell and Hernandez are meant to be playing but are clearly carrying injuries at the moment while Kemp is definitely out injured, and with Foschini on Olyroo duty the Victory are at risk of being short a full back.

    It’s hard to avoid that guilty feeling of being a voyeur for this particular game but let’s be honest, we wouldn’t miss it for quids.

    There’s just too much going wrong for the Victory at the moment and Gold Coast United will relish this opportunity to pinch three points on the road. United will do enough to scrounge a 1-0 win.

    Will it be Mehmet or Miron that breaks through for a pressure-relieving win this afternoon? Join us from 5.00pm AEDT for live scores and detailed description of the action, and let us know your thoughts by posting below.

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    2' YELLOW CARD - Paul Beekmans (Gold Coast)

    3' GOAL (PENALTY) - Harry Kewell (Melb Victory)

    22' YELLOW CARD - Jonas Salley (Gold Coast)

    24' GOAL (PENALTY) - Carlos Hernandez (Melb Victory)

    29' YELLOW CARD - Adama Traore (Gold Coast)

    31' YELLOW CARD - Leigh Broxham (Melb Victory)

    33' RED CARD - Rodrigo Vargas (Melb Victory)

    45 + 4' GOAL (PENALTY) - Dylan Macallister (Gold Coast)

    48' GOAL - Peter Jungschlager (Gold Coast)

    62' YELLOW CARD - Isaka Cernak (Melb Victory)

    76' YELLOW CARD - Kristian Rees (Gold Coast)

    79' GOAL - Carlos Hernandez (Melb Victory)

    81' YELLOW CARD - Billy Celeski (Melb Victory)

    86' YELLOW CARD - Maceo Rigters (Gold Coast)

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    • 8:22pm
      TomC said | 8:22pm | ! Report

      A big win for Durakovic today. Subbing off Kewell and Rojas looked surprising at first, but produced a very balanced midfield, with Pondlejak, Celeski and Hernandez all playing excellent roles in their respective positions and keeping the pressure off the makeshift back four.

      Before the coach started to ring the changes, GC had drawn level and were looking very comfortable.

      Hopefully Mehmet can take some confidence out of his own personal performance today.

      • Roar Guru

        The Cattery said | 8:03am | ! Report

        As you say, it was a makeshift back four, MV playing with 10 men, GCU were in the box seat, then just prior to the winning goal, appeared give away the initiative.

        But fancy Carlos heading home the goal amongst a nest of defenders!!

    • 7:10pm
      Titus said | 7:10pm | ! Report

      looked more entertaining than the Sydney game. Enjoyed the atmosphere too. Thanks TC!

      • Roar Guru

        The Cattery said | 8:18pm | ! Report

        No worries Titus.

        As Tristan mentioned the other day, all the games I get seem to have all the drama!!

        Or maybe it’s just MV?

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 7:06pm | ! Report

      AFter a week of off-field drama, and then a game full of drama, MV looked out of the contest, but around the 75th min you sensed that MV were getting back into the game, and shortly after the conjured a winner.

      MV with the early luck from the ref, but just when it looked the game was slipping, MV came back into the contest, and all credit to them for doing so, Mehm with some breathing space, a relief to all around the club.

      Thanks for joining me this afternoon, as I said in the preview – you wouldn’t miss it for quids!

      • 7:09pm
        Bondy said | 7:09pm | ! Report

        Yes Cattery i agree you could tell MV finally wrestled the game their way in about the 75 th minute and Durackovic keeps his job ,more drama this week than The Bold and The Beautiful .I hope Fuss was there .

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 7:03pm | ! Report

      FT Melbourne Victory 3 Gold Coast 2

      A game full of incident. First three goals of the game were penalties, MV led 2-1 at half time, but had lost Vargas to a red card at the 33rd.

      From the start of the second half, GCU attacked with intent, no surprise when Halloran set up Jungschlager for a well deserved equaliser. For a few minutes, it looked like GCU were going to get the winner, but Mehm used his subs earlier and started to win more of the ball, snuffing out the GCU challenge, the winning goal followed a period of domination by MV, Arch chipped the keeper out wide and Carlos headed home at the far post up against 3 defenders for the winner – incredible stuff.

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 6:59pm | ! Report

      95′ Melbourne Victory 3 Gold Coast 2

      Carlos and ARch on the break, 2 on 1, Carlos sets up Arch for 1 on 1 with the keeper, he hit the upright, then on the rebound I though it he had scored, but cleared off the line
      whistle goes – MV wins!!

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 6:58pm | ! Report

      94′ Melbourne Victory 3 Gold Coast 2

      Time running out for GCU
      MV may have done just enough to get the points today
      Macallister nearly pinched it off the MV defence, running into goal, it was Cernak that came across to clear

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 6:57pm | ! Report

      92′ Melbourne Victory 3 Gold Coast 2

      GCU plenty of possession now, MV sitting back, Mehbratu earns the corner off Ferreira
      Mehbratu puts it in, Macallasiter with the header, cleared off the line!
      actually Rees got the final touch, and it actually hit the upright!

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 6:55pm | ! Report

      90′ Melbourne Victory 3 Gold Coast 2

      Halloran in the clear here, cross form the right wing, Harold headers over
      5 in to play

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 6:53pm | ! Report

      88′ Melbourne Victory 3 Gold Coast 2

      poor ball control gifts the throw in to Victory at the left back position, Broxham there to take it
      Macallister tries an ambitious shot from the left wing position

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 6:51pm | ! Report

      87′ ′ Melbourne Victory 3 Gold Coast 2

      Attendance is a tick under 17k
      GCU nearly crafted a close in shot, Covic off his line again, he has had an excellent game

    • Roar Guru

      The Cattery said | 6:50pm | ! Report

      86′ Melbourne Victory 3 Gold Coast 2

      Halloran again down the right, but this time Celeski wins it cleanly, and then both Celeski and Broxham are bowled over, obvious foul for MV, and they have now earned themselves a corner

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