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Wayne Carey reflects on North's homes away from home

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11th April, 2012

On a day when the AFL’s two newest clubs were thrashed by a total of over 200 points, there was a bit of joy to be had from Wayne ‘The Duck’ Carey’s appearance on Triple M’s The Sunday Rub.

His old club was about to debut in Hobart for what all were hoping would be a long-term presence, unlike previous brief forays in Canberra, Sydney and the Gold Coast.

The early indications for North are good: plenty of local interest, about two thousand appearing at a training run, and plenty of blue and white in the crowd to watch North notch up a bread-and-butter 20-goal win.

The key to North playing games in Hobart is that we are talking about fair dinkum footy fans; there’s no need to convert anyone to the game. The Tasmanians know the game as well, if not better, than your average Victorian.

The Duck reflected on North’s first experiment with playing home games away from home, which was in Canberra about ten years ago.

Carey said that the move may have worked out if North had been prepared to stick with it and invest some time and energy.

One of his co-commentators suggested that perhaps he had spent a bit too much time chasing educational videos in Fyshwick, which may also have explained his excess baggage.

With North lining up to play GWS, The Rub interviewed the Giants’ assistant coach, Mark Williams, and we all witnessed one of the funniest moments in sporting radio history.

The Duck asked Williams whether it would be good for Israel Folau’s education if he were to play on North power forward, Drew Petrie, to follow him around and find out what the game is all about.


Williams responded, “Aah… you got money on Drew kicking 10, have you? No, no, I don’t think we’ll be doing that today.”

The commentary box completely lost it – a hilarious moment, but a brutally honest assessment of Folau’s ability.

The Duck’s old club had been in the news in recent days, with Majak Daw having been reported in the VFL for taking a swipe at an old team mate, Daniel Pratt, the two having been involved in a love triangle.

Amazingly, everyone kept a straight face when the Duck told everyone that he simply has to learn to deal with it.

When talk moved to arrests in Miami, an old footy story was recalled involving Hawthorn on and end-of-season trip and Allan “Yabby” Jeans.

Jason Dunstall had been arrested along with three team mates. Yabby Jeans turned up to the slammer wearing his night gown. With no hint of sarcasm, he said “Shoot him, him and him, but don’t shoot the fat bugger.”

Another old team mate of The Duck’s, Schwatta, recounted how he set fire to the shirt of a club director, and not long after that found himself traded to Sydney.

Among the merriment and the absurdity of the scorelines involving GWS and the Suns, the real news is that North may have at last found a home away from home.